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50 Hours No Power

Last week, my place had lost power for over 50 hours, no light, nor gas, nor heat.... believe me, it's the true!!!

Basically, I don't care about light so much but for gas and heat, they're different. Why? For me it's OK to do not turn the light on even it also means I can use computer, TV and so on. But I can't stand if I don't have gas since it means I can't cook...and have nothing to eat, I don't prefer to order or pick up some food at a dinner or any kind of restaurant. Heat's so important for me too, esp. on the winter... imagine you're in the house but the temperature is under 35F... as the outside just no wind.

I've never thought I'd be in this kind of situation before, esp. at here. I know it happens sometimes in Thailand but it's just a few second, right?

Ah... extreamly bored

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