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D.Gray Man's song... "Musicain"

When you watch animes for a while, you'll know some of them can't let their characters die. And D.Gray man is this kind, I believe. And you see? I'm right.

I cried when my favorite guy, Kanda Yu, was dead... It's not really that I like him so much and I was sad. But because my favorite guys of almost anime I watched back then died and I was in slump mood because of many reasons.

Anyway, I confess that I cried again when I watch this scene. Too happy (my guy still alive!), this song is so beautiful and... I was in... in with Allen's feeling, I think. I'm too sensitive

How do you think about it? Is it beautiful?

Everyone who watches this anime keep talking about it, me too --- I love it! I can't find full version without these words and it seems no MP3 downloading either. Maybe, because this episode's quite new, fansub was released few weeks ago. I'd wait for a while and try again.

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