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Deep in Blue!

Recently, I've gotten calls from future host families. Even so, I haven't matched with anyone yet! It sounds ridiculous...
The first call from a family that's everything seems perfer! Oh dear, I really want to match with them BUT I don't really understand why they don't be shown up on my account. It makes me keep gotting a new match up with another family.... and gonna give in.
The second call from a family that looks OK... I don't know them in detail but everything seems fine. However, I do not feel confident they'll want to match with me. Why? I talked over the phone and AH... you should know how bad I am on interview. I screwed up everything, couldn't concentrate and answered something that... ummm not clear, silly ... don't really know how to say but they aren't all I really wanted to say!


This's what all I can do know. I can do nothing but keep moving forward and hope everything'll be fine. Try hard and hope I'll be better next time. Sounds good? Not really... my insides are blue, really blue. I want to match so bad, but it isn't easy. I know if I struggle too hard, it'll be worse. I should calm down, relex... take it easy but still trying to do my best.
When I want or try to do something but I can't make it through well... I feel I'm a wimp! Ah... I do hate feeling like this.

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