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Extremely Happy

I matched!!!
Finally, I matched. Next month I'll move to Ohio. To hard to explain in detail --- let's skip! Just know in brief, I matched with the first family I mentioned to on another blog few weeks ago. It may not be the hot news, since we decided to match last week or 2 last weeks --- ah yes, yes, till now it'd be 2 weeks ago. I so relief now and have enough energy to finish many things I plan.
I went to Niagara Falls with my friends last week, on week-end. It's the trip I didn't plan before but since I was in the very good mood, so I didn't hesitate to go with them. The tour took us to 1,000 Islands, Corning Museum of Glass and the Falls on the U.S. side. I'll put some pics on other friend blogs, sorry --- since I decided to keep this one as public so I don't want to put any pic from my private life here.

There're still many things to do --- and because I'm home this week-end so I started by finish my diary, origami yesterday. Today, I want to update some blogs, organise pictures I took and some movies I downloaded --- then, It's time to think about trip to Philadelphia and Boston. They're interesting historical area I should visit.

Haruhi Dance (The video) is something I want to try. It's quite old and out of fashion but it's something I still can't do!!! Or I might need some talent?
You know what? I like its Japanese name, "Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuuutsu (涼宮ハルヒの憂鬱)." English name is fine, "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya." However, I don't like Thai name --- I'm not sure who got the license but they named it "Call her... God Suzumiya (เรียกเธอว่า... พระเจ้า ซึสึมิยะ)." Thai fansub name is better, it sound nice, suit for the story and well translate from Japanese, On Trixk, they named it "The idiotic life of Haruhi (ชีวิตบัดซบของยัยฮารุฮิ)."
OK... just Names! The most important is how I can do "Haruhi dance." Ahhhhh


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Deep in Blue!

Recently, I've gotten calls from future host families. Even so, I haven't matched with anyone yet! It sounds ridiculous...
The first call from a family that's everything seems perfer! Oh dear, I really want to match with them BUT I don't really understand why they don't be shown up on my account. It makes me keep gotting a new match up with another family.... and gonna give in.
The second call from a family that looks OK... I don't know them in detail but everything seems fine. However, I do not feel confident they'll want to match with me. Why? I talked over the phone and AH... you should know how bad I am on interview. I screwed up everything, couldn't concentrate and answered something that... ummm not clear, silly ... don't really know how to say but they aren't all I really wanted to say!


This's what all I can do know. I can do nothing but keep moving forward and hope everything'll be fine. Try hard and hope I'll be better next time. Sounds good? Not really... my insides are blue, really blue. I want to match so bad, but it isn't easy. I know if I struggle too hard, it'll be worse. I should calm down, relex... take it easy but still trying to do my best.
When I want or try to do something but I can't make it through well... I feel I'm a wimp! Ah... I do hate feeling like this.


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D.Gray Man's song... "Musicain"

When you watch animes for a while, you'll know some of them can't let their characters die. And D.Gray man is this kind, I believe. And you see? I'm right.

I cried when my favorite guy, Kanda Yu, was dead... It's not really that I like him so much and I was sad. But because my favorite guys of almost anime I watched back then died and I was in slump mood because of many reasons.

Anyway, I confess that I cried again when I watch this scene. Too happy (my guy still alive!), this song is so beautiful and... I was in... in with Allen's feeling, I think. I'm too sensitive

How do you think about it? Is it beautiful?

Everyone who watches this anime keep talking about it, me too --- I love it! I can't find full version without these words and it seems no MP3 downloading either. Maybe, because this episode's quite new, fansub was released few weeks ago. I'd wait for a while and try again.


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Extremely bored

It seems I didn't update this blog for a long time, sorry. I just have something to do.

I'm looking for a new house now, as an Au Pair, this means I change the host family. A few months ago, when I got the letter and brochure for extension program. I thought so hard and decided to extend the program by switching the family. Everybody asks me "why?" because I don't have any problem with my current host family, and I can say we get along well. Even so, I don't know why I feel like I'm getting bored life in here and want to find something new. This may be the main reason that Au Pairs change the family on their extended year. For me, however, I think I don't just want to find something new, but I also feel like "I have to do it." Well... this is a long story and quite difficult to explain but in short, It's almost sure that I won't be here after the program, I won't further my education... so I just want to be sure that my extended time will be worth.

I went online to finish everything for the extension year on May and got some silly problems that made my extension year started late than I thought. Everything should be finished within 2 weeks but NO, It became almost a month!!! This isn't a good beginning at all. Then I encountered with the same issue as last time, getting a match up with the families whom never gave me a contact for 1-2 weeks. This makes me so nervous, my time is running out but I haven't gotten a match with the right family yet.

Do I regret to change the family? A bit, I can say. But since my current family said she would take the kids to school next year, so changing family might be only one option I have. I'm, right now, just extremely bored with this problem and my luck... Oh my, why I always meet only these such families! I have a week vacation left, and have many places and things to do, but I run out of energy now, don't want to do anything till I match.


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50 Hours No Power

Last week, my place had lost power for over 50 hours, no light, nor gas, nor heat.... believe me, it's the true!!!

Basically, I don't care about light so much but for gas and heat, they're different. Why? For me it's OK to do not turn the light on even it also means I can use computer, TV and so on. But I can't stand if I don't have gas since it means I can't cook...and have nothing to eat, I don't prefer to order or pick up some food at a dinner or any kind of restaurant. Heat's so important for me too, esp. on the winter... imagine you're in the house but the temperature is under 35F... as the outside just no wind.

I've never thought I'd be in this kind of situation before, esp. at here. I know it happens sometimes in Thailand but it's just a few second, right?

Ah... extreamly bored


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