This is my town.

Tekkonkinkreet is a story of two orphans, who rule a treasure town, named Black and White. The orphans are trying to protect the old way of town. However, like every town in this world, old ways of living are slowly changed. Things get more intense when the rat (the leader of the yakuza’s gang) has returned to the town. Moreover, there is a real-estate developer who teams up with Mr. Snake (To me, he seems like an alien.) trying to take over the town. They want to change the way of the old town by building an amusement park and eventually taking control over the town. Can Black and White protect the town? What will happen with the town?

Treasure town will never be what it was. Even we stop, the city keeps going.

Same as our world that keeps going…. and will never be the same.

To me, the treasure town typifies our world, which is now occupied by the capitalism system. After the world revolution, mankind started to create better technologies. The world’s economy has grown bigger and faster than ever in the history. Consequently, old cultures and traditions of most countries are faded away. Furthermore, people are stop caring for each other and somehow becoming more selfish. As we could see in one part of the movie that the blind man is trying to ask money from people in the town, but no one gives him a dime.

The more you love something, the deeper the pain.

Tekkonkinkreet is one of the movies that reveal things that people keep inside their hearts and minds. The movie tends to point that we cannot judge people from their appearances. Ones who act strong may have weaker minds. On the other hand, ones who always act pure and innocent may have stronger hearts and minds.

Personally, I found Black’s character (personality) is actually weaker than White. Even though he depicts the darker side of people’s mind and also fights like a crazy person, he would be one of those who will always hold on to what he finds important to him. Black lives his life protecting what he loves. If he loses what he loves, he will have no reason to live. Black almost loses to the darker side of himself when he almost loses White and the town. Most audiences may think Black is the one who defend White. Unlike others, I think White is the one who save Black.

Be happy…be happy

Differed from Black, White seems to take things easier and see things the way it supposed to be. White knows the town has changed. Instead of stopping it from changing, he finds his ways to live peacefully and happily. Yet, Black and White complete each other. White also knows without Black his life will never be completed. Black has screws he needed…he also has screws Black needed.

To me, Black and White illustrate human beings who have both bright and dark side in them. It depends on us…as humans… if we want to be a good one or a bad one.

Can we really choose our life?

From the first day we were born until the last day of our life… Can we choose our life? Everyone in the town may think of Rat as a yakuza, but no one knows if he really wants to be a yakuza or he has to be one of them because he has no other choices. Even though he does not agree with the idea of turning part of the town to amusement park, he needs to follow the new (capitalism) system. Can we really choose our life? Or we need to follow society…people…family...system…

Love is all you need.

Why people can betray their loved one…
Once we have only two choices in life…
Either we will survive or others will… What can we chose…
When people have limited choices in life…
Are they going to think of them first or the others first?
Can we really find someone who thinks of others before themselves in this society?
Those questions above would occur in audiences' mind after they finish watching the animation.

Is this my town?

Other than an amazing plot, I really love the surrealistic drawing in the animation. I think the surrealistic drawing help giving audiences insecure, unreal, and daydreamy feeling…It is not a nice dream though…it is quite a scary one.

In addition, I also fall in love with an idea that the director fuses all types of rare…barely seen arts from different countries into one town. Because of this…to me…Treasure (town) is the most suitable name for the town.

There are many things that I want to discuss, but it will be too long talking about them in one blog. If you want to know how good the animation is, you need to watch it yourself. I can just honestly say …to me… this animation is a worth watching.

This is no one’s town…


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Studio Ghibli

Talking about animation, most of people would probably think of it as a kids’ thing. Somehow, Miyazaki’s animation show us that animation is far more than just kids’ stuffs.

Why do I love Studio Ghibli and HAYAO MIYAZAKI’s works?

Because other than observing little interesting details such as nice drawings, wonderful colors, strong story lines, cool perspective, and beautiful songs, audiences would learn how to respect not only people around them, but also natures, forests, and animals. Miyazaki shows us through his works that we are not only a creature on earth, but there are many other living things living in the same world and we need to respect them the same way we respect ourselves.

Because Miyazaki views this world different from most of us, living harmonically with other living beings ( including humans, animals,trees,...etc ) is one of the most important messages Miyazaki wanted to express through his works. Instead of segregating human’s world with other worlds, Miyazaki tends to combine all into one. One of the good examples is My Neighbor Totoro. In the movie, humans and spirits live peacefully together...care and help each other. I strongly believe if everyone in this world has the same thought like Miyazaki. We would probably live peacefully here...on earth. We won’t kill each other for power and money. Additionally, we won't destroy our nature... which is a home for not only animals, but also for us...for everyone in this world. Moreover, people would stop killing animals just for fun...or for their skins and furs.

Because Miyazaki would probably believes…without knowing who we are and where we come from, we will eventually lose ourselves. Knowing what we really want in live and knowing what the real happiness is, are far more important than earning a lot of money.........etc

Miyazaki always leaves us with something to think of. This is one of the reason why his animation is endlessness...to me. His animation is not only made to entertain people, but also easily to apply in real life.

If you want to feel touched like I used to feel…if you want to open your doors to the different world...You may be able to give Studio Ghibli a try (to do it for you…)

Hope you'll like Ghibli like I do.


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