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HuangLong , China : Natural World Heritage


Brief Description
Situated in the north-west of Sichaun Province,
the Huanglong valley is made up of snow-capped peaks
and the easternmost of all the Chinese glaciers.
In addition to its mountain landscape,
diverse forest ecosystems can be found,
as well as spectacular limestone formations,
waterfalls and hot springs. The area also has
a population of endangered animals,
including the giant panda
and the Sichuan golden snub-nosed monkey.

In 1991, Huang Long entered the Natural Legacy Lists of the World.

Huang Long Valley directly translated means Yellow Dragon Valley,
is undeniably ' The fairyland on Earth' which
is how it is so often described. This valley was
added to the Natural World Legacy List in 1991.

This incredible valley undulates through the southern part
of the Minshan mountain range in the Songpan County about 155 miles
away from Chengdu - the capital of Sichuan.

Legend has it, that about 4000 years ago,
a yellow dragon helped Xiayu, the king of Xia Kingdom (21st -16th century B.C.),
channel the flood water into the sea, hence making the Minjiang River.
Due to the calcium carbonate mineral deposit patterns
and the gold hue of the water the river looks just like the tail of a Yellow Dragon.
In later years a temple was built in honor of the yellow dragon
and the valley was given its name. The river carves
out the scenery for the limestone valley, which is
over 4 miles long and as wide as 300 meters,
covering an area of an impressive 270 square miles.

Huang Long wins its fame for its magic landscape
of lime formations, made up of 3400 multi-colored
and uniquely-sized ponds, interlace along the valley.
These amazing ponds are paved with golden lime deposit
and cover nearly a half a square. Not to be excluded
there are also five waterfalls, four stalactite caves
and three ancient temples, and all in the same valley,
which looks like a dragon surging down
from snowcapped peaks of Mt. Minshan.

The local people are as much of an attraction
as the virgin forest and the scenery, Composed of more than 20 nationalities
the main nationalities being the Tibetan and Qiang groups.

Also worth a visit, is the nearby area of Jiuzhaigou,
where the scenery will leave you in awe.

Colored Terrace-Ponds
Dotted upward along the valley, the 2300 ponds come into 8 groups,
such as the Guest Greeting Ponds, The Flowing Pools of the Waterfall, the Potted Landscape Ponds,
the Fragrant Ponds, the Jade-bathing Ponds, etc.
The last group, the Five-Color Ponds are the best of all,
which perch atop the highest part of the valley,
at the back of the rear temple. Amid it stand a pair of stone towers,
stone houses with up-curved roofs,
which have been there since Ming dynasty (A.D. 1368-1644).
Due to varied depth of the ponds and all kinds of mineral pigments
and deposits on the bottom, the water reflects a variety of charming colors.

Admission Fee: 110 in peak season (from March 1 to Oct. 31) and
70 in low season (from Nov. 1 to the end of February)
Opening Hours: 09:10 to 16:40
Recommended Time for a Visit: One day

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