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กรกฏาคม 2548
21 กรกฏาคม 2548
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กำแพงเมืองจีน First Pass:ShanHaiGuan

The Great Wall of China : ShanHaiGuan Pass

Shanhaiguan is a part of the city of Qinhuangdao,
in Hebei province, People's Republic of China.
It literally means "The Pass of Mountain and Sea".

It is a popular tourist destination,
featuring the eastern end of the Great Wall.
The "First Pass Under Heaven" is also
a noticeable tourist attraction.

It is nearly 300 km. east of Beijing and linked
via the Jingshen Expressway.

Throughout Chinese history,
it served as a frontier of defence
against tribes from Manchuria
(e.g. the Khitan, Jurchen and the Manchus)

Shanhaiguan Pass consists of a main castle,
two supporting castles one in the north
and one in the south, and two semicircular
protective walls in front of the main castle,
the town of Weiyuan and the town of Ninghai. Today most of these structures are still well preserved, while others, such as the wall of Ninghai,
the Calm Sea Tower built on the town wall
and the Laolongtou Great Wall,
where the Great Wall meets the sea,
have been restored. The brick wall of the pass,
stuffed with earth, is 14 meters high,
seven meters wide and four kilometers in circumference.
It is connected with the Great Wall
which stretches onto the rolling Yanshan Mountains
in the north and into the Bohai Sea i
n the south with parts and battlements
that form a strong and powerful defense system.
On the east gate of the city wall stands a tower
hung with a horizontal inscribed board reading:
"The First Pass under the Heaven".
The bold characters written in vigorous
strokes make the pass look even more magnificent.
The Gate Tower houses an exhibition of
ancient military uniforms and weapons
including a saber that weighs 83 kilos,
the heaviest in the country. Once you ascend
the tower and take a broad view afar,
the serried battlements and the rising
mist will take you back to the ancient
battlefields of a thousand years ago.

Beyond the Shanhaiguan Pass, the Great Wall
stretches eastward until it dips into the sea
at a place called Laolongtou (Old Dragon's Head).
Tourist attractions in the vicinity include the Jiaoshan Section which has the Great Wall
meandering along the mountain ridges, Shanhaiguan Great Wall Museum
which has some interesting pictures,
relics and clothes depicting the life story
of this snaking construction, and a temple
dedicated to Meng Jiangnu,
one of China's devoted heroines.

First Pass under Heaven,
built in Ming Dynasty (1368-1644),
is the east tower-- Zhendong Tower--
of Shanhaiguan Pass. It is the first pass
of the Great Wall, and a significant strategic
stronghold in Chinese history. Many ancient
weapons and armors are still preserved here.

First Pass under Heaven has two parts.
The first, rectangle city wall platform,
rises 12 meters (39 feet) and extends east to west.
Used as a boundary mark, the west part lies within
central China while the east end extends to the
exterior of the ancient state border.
The south and the north sides of the platform
are connected with the Great Wall.

The second part of the Pass is a two-story tower.
The lower story has a gate in the center of the
west side, while the upper story has a total of 68 arrow-shooting windows facing east, south and north. This part of the First Pass under Heaven,
also called Arrow Tower, measures 66 feet long by 33 feet wide, and stands 43 feet high. With its
strategic prominence, First Pass under Heaven is the symbol of architecture at the Shanhaiguan Pass

The most impressive part of First Pass under Heaven
is the huge, 20 feet by 5 feet plaque,
hanging on the upper part of the west side
of the tower. The five huge Chinese characters,
"Tian Xia Di Yi Guan," mean, "First Pass under Heaven"
with each character on the plaque
measuring about 5 feet from top to bottom.

First Pass under Heaven is the place the emperor
often went to inspect his military system in the
past. Now, it is a wonderful attraction for visitors to appreciate the greatness of natural landscape and experience the safety that comes from the strong
strategic fortress.

Traveling tips:
Views and Attractions:
The huge plaque hanging on the tower;
climbing up to the second floor of the tower visitors can see nearby towers, called ' Weiyuantang Tower',
' Jingbianlou Tower', ' Muyinglou Tower'
and ' Linlvlou Tower' respectively, making up the,
' Five Tigers Holding the Guandong Region'.
The Great Wall Museum under the Pass
displays all kinds of archeological data,
documents, photographs and exhibits.

Admission Fee: 40 RMB from May to October,
30 RMB in the other months
Opening Hours: 08:10 to 17:00

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