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สิงหาคม 2549
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Where is happiness

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Where is happiness?

His majesty, kink George was very, very sad. Wealth, mistresses, drinks, power, popularity he had them for asking. Happiness, joy and peace he never had

Sitting on his royal throne full of disgust he keep saying: "My heart is empty. I feel sad, depressed and nauseated. Nobody, nothing can satisfy me!"

On one occasion, the King confided in his friends. "I am mortally unhappy. I am feeling alone and lonely. All my pleasures and wealth are tormenting me. Please, offer me a remedy. otherwise i'll die". After a long pause one of them said: "I can think of only one remedy. Find one truly happy man in your kingdom. Once you find him, live with him for a time in his house, share his meals, even his clothing. Then, and only then, your majesty will find happiness and peace".

Next day, the King dispatched his servants to the four conner of his kingdom in search of a happy man. One of his servants interviewed a very rich merchant: "Kindly, tell me - being such a rich and successful businessman - are you really happy?

The rich man growled: "Well, yes, I have plenty of money, security, a large family, lots of pleasures and comforts. But, there is still so much I do not have. HOw can I be happy without having got that?

Another servant met the most popular singer of the kingdom, the idol of the crowds. He told him: "You are wanted by all, everybody goes mad after you. Tell me, are you truly happy and satisfied?

He moaned: "I am not! How can I happy when there are many other singer and actors competing for the applause and popularity of the crowds?"

Days went by and the search was futile. The envoys interviews famous professors, writers, banker, politicians, doctors, generals, arsts, but, by all their efforts, they could not find one "truly happy man" in the whole kingdom!

On their return, already near the palace, tired and dissappointed, they sat down under a tree of a river bank. there, closeby, they chanced to see a poor and simple man placidly resting under the shadow of a tree. He was merrily whistling away. They told him their plight. "You know," they said, "we could not find one single happy man inthe whole kingdom! What shall we tell our King?"

"How is it possible?" that simple man replied. "Of course, there are truly happy people in our land! I am one of them. I am very happy and full of joy!"
In surprise, they blurted out: "What? You! You happy? But you are such an ordinary man! How could we think of that?"

The King's men begged of him: "If you are truly happy, please, come with us to the palace of the King. The King needs you!"

The Kong asked that man:
"Are you truly happy? Really happy?"
"Yes, your Majesty. Happy, very happy!"
"Then, please help me! Only you can help me!"
In surprise, the man stuttered:
"I? your Majesty? Tohelp you, the King? Ican do nothing for you".
"Yes, you can", the King said. "Please, I beg you, allow me for a time to live in your house, share your clothing, partake your meals. That's all I ask of you".
"I am....I am so sorry, your Majesty!" he replied. "I can't do this for you. I assure you, I never had a house, not even a hut. I have no other clothes then these I wear. I have no other meals than the crumbs of bread I beg by the roadside!"

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