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May 31st, 2008

I interrupted my parents' night last night by getting up around 1:18 am. ... to cry. I pushed myself up, holding crib rails and cried. My mom decided to pick me up and I could sleep well on her shoulder. But, Ididn't let her put me down in my crib. Ijust loved to be in her arms, and I didn't plan to have more sleep. I wanted to play with her !!!Mom was holding me untilher arms got sored .. I was transferred to daddy.He was kind enough to keep me company forhalf an hour. Hecradled me to sleep ... he made sure I was in deep sleep before putting me down.I slept from 2:30-5:30am.

Dad greeted me when Iwoke up. We had greattime playing peek-a-boo beforeImessed up my diaper with poo-poo. Mom was waken up tochange my diaper. She fed me a bottle of milk at 6:30 am. and gave me daily medication.After meal, I got to climb a pile of pillows and played with my new musical book until 7:40 am. Mom brought me downstairstohave my haircut with my nanny. Mom had to keep me busy with toys otherwise Icouldn't stay still. I love mynew haircut ... I think I look good.

I was very sleepy after bath, but I didn't fall asleep until I was about to finish my breakfast ... I found that I could sleep and eat at the same time !! I had a good nap for half an hour. The good nap made me happy and I looked forward to going out. In the morning, my dad was busy moving stuff with my uncle so we couldn't go anywhere.

My uncle just came home after being in monkhood for a month. He looked different without hair and eye brows I cried and cried when I saw him. We used to be buddies !

My afternoon was fun. I played and learned things from mommy and my nanny. I got bored a bit and napped for 30 mins. so dad and mom packed up my stuff to visit grandma, grandpa and great-grandma. They were so excited to see me. I showed them moves that I learned to do by myself, for example, cruising around playpen ... playing peek-a-boo and hide-and-seek ... standing with no support ... making conversations (in my own language) ... hi-5 with great-granny ... and so many more. We had fun together. Also, mommy turned on VDO clips from camcorder which really entertained them. I was so happy and I could finish my dinner (chicken and corn) quickly ... yum.

I couldn't help falling to sleep on the way back home I overslept and had very late bath (around 6:30 pm.) It wasn't a fun bath because I wasn't in good mood. I still wanted to sleep !!! It delayed everything including my bedtime. Mom let me play in my crib until 9 pm.

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