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Ĵ١Ť˭ҷش㹻 2012

سٷͧõΌա ¤ѺĴ١Ť˭ҫ觻չɡһա͹ й͡ҡʹù ա 20 ѹѧʹѺ֡Ԥա ΌµԴѵʵѧТ Ѻ ⴹ ͧسٷͧѹѺ

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Όҧ觷ͤ ٷͧ觡Ѻҡҧ ҿҵͺ繻ѵʵ ٺŴ Ѻͧ...ҧ 駵١ ç˹ ҹ鹹 ҿҢҴ˹ ? Ό٨ҡ !

繹Ө ٷͧ仡͹Сѹ 繹ҵ

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" Ĵ١Ť˭ҷش...Wimbledon - Olympic 2012 "
30 June 2012

չ觢ѹ˭դӤѭҡ ͧҡ WB ҧ ʹ WB 繷෹Ԥ ʹ WB жʹ dress code ͡ ¤ҹѡͧ觢ǵ 觪شշҵ ͧҡԤ ѡ繵᷹ͧҵԹ 㹡觢ѹҷ˭شš

ѹ WB12 ͹Զع¹ 2012 ͹Сѹ ءӹѡҷ Top 4 駷㹰ҹҺҹ١秵駤ѧҤèá (෹ʢͧСѺ촻ٹФ˭ҡ ·촴ԹѴش) ǹ Top 3 ͵ʹء鹷㹻չ нͧ͢㹻չ٨ҧ͹٧㹡 㹰ҹҡѧ˹ Ҵҿ࿴ẺԴѹ

ҴҾͧ褹͹ WB12 鹷鹷աҧáѹҧ ;

Ŵʴ͡ ŧʹ˹ ҡѴԧ FO12 ˭ҷ WB

ǹҿҡѺ࿴ŧ Halle ѹ ҿ繵ѭѺѾǧ˹ 3 շ˹˹˹Ѻ FO · 7 ͧ蹵ѭ жҿ˭ѡ˹ С˹¨ԧ ҿⴹ⤪µ緪ͺá ͡Ƿ 駻ѺǡѺ˭ѧ ҿҴ Happy պ觡Ѻҹ͡仾ѡ͹蹹ӷšѺΌ Ҿѡ͹͹ 2-3 ѹ͹ԹѺ͹͹ ʹ˭ 2-3 ѹ͹ŧ觨ԧ

ǹ࿴¡ù 5 ¡١Ҵ (ҿŧ Queen ͹͹ǹ˭) ҹ颹ҴҿҶͺá ᡡ ١ Tommy Haas ˭͹ѹѴ

쵡ͺ QF FO Ҿѡͤáŧ˭ҷ Queen ТҴҾѡ Top 3 繡ҧҧ¡ù ѧ˹ʹ ͺá蹡ѹ Mahut

ػèҡ¡ä˭͹ WB ͡ѡ Ҵɳ 4 ͹ WB ա

; Fresh ѧ㨴к͡դѹ ͺ㹺ҹͧ§ѧ 㨴 Сؤͧ෾ ࿴-ҿ- 繤ҷҧ觷еͧӧҹ˹ѡ ФԴҵͧվ÷ҵͧç ͹Ҵáǡ⨹ҹ....(ԧ͹ ͺ ͡Ѻ ǹ¹ Ҷ֧Ѵҡѹ衴ѹШ)

Doesn't add any extra pressure. I think in all sports playing at home is viewed as being a huge advantage, whereas for some reason when it comes to Wimbledon everyone thinks it's a bad thing. There's more pressure on you and it doesn't help.
But I haven't really found it that way. When I've played here, I've enjoyed the challenge, I've enjoyed playing in front of a passionate crowd, and it's helped me

I think I just try and work hard and try and make sure I'm in a position to compete for the big events. I've done a good job of putting myself in that position the last couple of years. I've always been there or thereabouts in the slams. I just need to make that final jump.

࿴ ; ʴ͹͹˹ º˭ҡҡǵʹ ҡչҡ ͧҡ 2 շ QF ࿴· 7 Ҿշ 礧ٴҡ King of Grass I am dreaming of the title. There's no denying that,But it's up to me to make that difference now and take it to the next step. Then once hopefully I am there, I can reach for the title. A seventh would be amazing. I think that would be tying Pete, which I think would be absolutely fantastic obviously, admiring Pete when I was younger.

; Fresh ç warm up 㹷 I'm playing with more self belief on this surface, which is the rarest surface we have now in sport. But I realized my dreams last year. I played a perfect tournament. I like the conditions here. I've been in several locations in semifinals, so I'm confident before the start of 2012.

Ͷͧ෾෹ ࿴-ҿ ռšз͡෹ʢͧͧҧúҧ šôԵͧҡ ͧ෾㹻ѵʵ෹ʪ Ό 駵ͧҤ͡ѹ жҵҵͧ෹ʡѺͧ෾ 觷觢 繵ҧ繹ѡ෹ʷբ鹅ǹžٴҴҡ 礧ҧź͡ ࿴Ѻҿ繵ҧй͡

Their rivalry is one of the most respected rivalries in the history of our sport, if not the biggest rivalry. They're two great champions, two tennis players that made the history of this sport. Every time you a see a Federer/Nadal match, everybody is excited. Even I'm excited to see it because it's something that goes on for many years.
They also made me work harder. They also made me a better player and made me understand what I need to do on the court and off the court as well.

ҿ ; ѧĴ١Ť촴Թѹ˹ѡ˹ǹҹ 2 ͹ ŧء鹷 ᷺ءҷԵ 4 ҿҡͺԧҡѡѡ͹ ˭ҡͧ ͧӵ˹ҷ ͧշشѹ ФҺ˭Ҫ㹡ûѺ ͹ҿ緪觢ѹ¨ٹͧҡԹ˭óẺҿҵͧ Hint ˹µ͹ɳ ѧ͹繤ԴѧԹ

Thinking about winning another title here in Wimbledon is arrogant and crazy. That's something I cannot think about, no? I can just think about the practice of tomorrow, to keep preparing my game, to arrive to Tuesday with the right conditions, being competitive to try to win the first match, no?
That's the goal. I try my best in every practice. But sure, every hour on grass help me.

蹵鹼 the important thing is play play with the surface, not play against the surface
Ѻ෹ 褧¹Ẻ you cannot change something crazy your game, because you are good doing what you usually do I played very regular with my serve. Probably not serving bombs, because I am not this kind of player. But playing very solid with high percentage, with enough speed, and then my movements and my decision to play on this surface was good the last couple years.
So there is always very competitive players. The real thing of this surface, you see the draw, and you never see an easy opponent.. Here everything is a little bit more crazy, because sometimes you played two bad points in not the right moment and you lose a set. You don't have real time to come back if you have a few mistakes in a row
ͺ˭ҷ ѡʶҹ Wimbledon
I enjoy playing here. Brings something different to me. Seriously, since the first time I came here, probably was in 2002 no, 2003 I played professional. 2002 or 2001 I played the juniors. I always loved this place. I always loved this surface.
My opinion is the game here is great to watch, especially if you don't play against a big server (smiling).

Ͷءͧ繷ͧ繤ѺѺѡ෹ʷشʹ ࿴ Ό෹͡١Ҫͺ FEDAL RAFOLE 緪˹ʹءҡѹ ҿҵͺ ͧôա ǡسͧ件Ό෹ͧ ֡⪤շǹ˹觢ͧõѺ࿴ зվѧ㹡෹ѹʹ Ѳ෹ʢͧͧʹ...ҤسѲҡҵǨҡǧ !! ҿ...ԧ Ѻ࿴ ҢѺǡѹҹҹ» ⴴ çѺǡ㹻շ ( پٴѹ١ Ό෹ʢͧ ˹ҡ ҡúѺ࿴ҡҨ紹 稡ҵŢҢա ҵԷ٤繹ѡú ֡͡˹ҡʹ...ǡҡѡٹ ҿ )

For me I feel very lucky to be part of these two rivalries. I think is something that brings special motivation to the game, to the motivation to keep improving my tennis. Because if you are not able to improve your level of tennis you are dead, no, in this very competitive world of tennis.That's what I tried all my life. I think I really enjoy being part of these rivalries, no? I don't gonna answer your question which one means more to me, because will see when at the end of our careers.

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سٷͧ ҹͨ ҡا෾ 2-9 ʤ Ѵ;ǡա ¹Թҧ͹

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ͺس¾ٷͧҡѺ ^_^ Vamosssssssssssss Rafaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!!!!!!!!!!

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..觢ѹ Grand Slam ˭ҢͧĴ١ 2012 鹷ҧþҡóҡҽеʹǧ 2 ҷԵ酴չ center court ѧ

͹ Draw ͡ ࿴ǡѺ ҿǡѺ ءѧͺSF дѺشʹẺǡѺ AO12 Ѻѹ˹ ͹ҷءӹѡԴҨͺԧдѺ෾ ҿ- ͷҨ ҿ-࿴ § ҿ繤ԧ͹Ѻ 5 ҹ҅Όҿ¤ѧẺ

.ͺáҿ͡Ѻ˹ͪǺҫ Thomaz Bellucci ٷͧ緪 ٨ҡ live score ҅áҿҶ١仡͹ 0-4 ֡͹ҿҨջѭҡѺͺá ͧѧԴ ҿҨе絨´Ҷ֧ä ҿҡҿ áҿͧ 7-0 ǹ 2-3 仴觤ҴҿҪ7-6(0), 6-2, 6-3

ΌҿҶ͹㨴¤͡ СԴҿҡẺ ͺǵʹ ੾ͺá ҨҷҷԵͧ OK ٨зẺ ?

ҿẺ.ͺͧҿ͡Ѻѡ෹ѹѺ 100 ͧš Lukas Rosol ¤ʺ ¤ҧ ¤㨢Ҵͧ١Ǥ仴 R3 ҧ() 誹ҿҷ Halle ͹ѹشա҅ҿҡͧȨա ˹ ͺ 2 ¡ 5 6-7 (9), 6-4, 6-4, 2-6, 6-4 (ٷͧҧȷӧҹ .. ֹҿҵͺ WB12..ֹѹԵ Դѹ..)

÷Ҫҿ㹤駹 繡ѡ˹㹻ѵʵ WB պС蹺˭Ҷ繤Ǫҭ੾ ѧ蹶ק 5 絡ѹоԡͤҡ

㹻 1987(25 շ) Peter Doohan Boris Becker Back 7-6 (4), 4-6, 6-2, 6-4 ͺͧ蹡ѹ ͹鹺 ຤ͧ«͹ 1ͧš ͹Doohan ѡ෹ʪ 70 ͧšԤѹ The Becker Wrecker ҷ索ͧ຤ ѹ鹤 ෹ ʧ õ” "Basically, I lost a tennis match. I didnt lose a war, nobody died," ѹԧ ѹ鹡դ ¹ӵһ˹ѡ蹡ѹ

ա緪˹觡͡ WB 7 Pete Sampras George Bastl ѡ෹ 145 㹻 2002 蹡ѹ 5 оշʡ 6-3, 6-2, 4-6, 3-6, 6-4 շֹ ѧþ駹 ҨФ˭ͧշ WB. "It all happened so quickly from 4-all, a matter of five minutes, boom, I lost the match," Sampras said. "You just kind of sit there, you're a little bit numb sitting there. Just kind of I lost. It's not a feeling that I like, not a feeling that I felt, especially here at Wimbledon."

ٷͧͧ緪Ҥѧ ҡΌҿ֡ þͧҿҤ駹ѹ¹ ෾ šѺ (Ό仪ǢЅ) 㹢зΌ෹ʢͧҿҷšȡ㨅֧㨴 ԴѧͧΌѹͧҿ¤ ֧Ҵ͡ WB12 ͧѹ աѧҡ緪˹…ѹ㨡ѹ ҿҡѺըԵ㨷 ʴ繶֧ѧҧǡФسҾͧ¹Ό ෹ʷšͧҿһ Ҥ㨷ѡ෹ʤ

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س͹.ͧԹ 8-9 aug ok

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׹ѹỴ ҧѹ˹͡ǹ

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س͹ ͹ ˹§ҧѺ ѧΌҿҷҹҤ͹ѹադѺ Ѻ㨷չҡ ͡ѹ͹ к¤㨡ѹ

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ͧѴ ʶҹҹШ͹ǫ зǧäѧ ͧ; շʹö ŴҤº ŧФѺ ѹ˹ Ỵ ҡѹա سٷͧ سͧ س ͧ Όҿҷҹѧ

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¤紷ҿҺ͡ǡҡ its not a tragedy, its only a tennis match. In the end, thats life, theres much more important things.

ѹȡҮФѺ ѹ෹緪˹ҹ 㹪ԵͧҷӤѭҹҡ ҿҢͧǡҺѨ 㨶֧ԧ㹪Եԧ 26 ҿͧšẺººسҡѺͧҧҧ١ͧ Եʺ…

ٷͧͺ͹١ͧ˹ŷúǹ ͹к緪 ҿҵͺ ͹ٴѹд ͹餧ҷèоٴоٴ仡͹繡ǫ觼ҡӅ

(ѹͧ͹㨵ͧ ѹҷҧ Ҩշش 觾ٴѹ 觴觷Ӿѧô袹Ҵҿ ѧٴоٴѹջª ҡѧ ҡ㨤ѧͤҷѹ)

You know, the bad thing of this is anything that I will say now will sound against me. So is not the right moment for me to say what happened out there because gonna sound an excuse, and I never want to put an excuse after a match like today. But the umpire say a few things werent right.

ش ش ҿҡ͡˹ ҿջѭҺҧҧ ҧ͹ ҡѡ͹ ..Nothing special, no? I know before the match how I feel, and I know probably if the opponent plays the way he plays I will have problems. I had more than problems.

Exhausted? I dont really understand exactly what the word is, exhausted. But I feel very well mentally. But physically, you know, you need to rest. I played for the last six months playing almost every match possible in the tournaments that I played. And, sure, physically I need to stop a little bit. Only thing that I can do is come back home, rest I need and I deserve. So thats what I can do, nothing else.

(ҡԧҳ˹ҷԵ ѹҵԡ 4 ҿ§աDžѡ شءҧ෹ 15 ѹ ҿش Ԥ͹͹ šáɳ ҡ͹ ҿջѭآҾҵ͹ WB ͡

..ҹ˹ѡҴҿҵͧ͹觢ѹ෹緪ášѺŷʹصŢͧ ҴԴ ШзʶԵԼ෹ʪҡش 80,000 ѹ 14 觡¤ ҿѹԧѧ ѧաҢͧҿѹ¢ҴШ 繪Դѧ ѹѺҿ仹ҹҿҵͧŵͧѹҧѴѧ Oh my God)

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Just had a chance to drop by. Better late than never, no? ;)

ŧѴѹ ä¡ѹҨػ+͹ͤӵͺ

In addition to what Khun Moothong posted above, according to an article by Neil Harman, Rafa was severely hampered by knee pain throughout the clay season and in fact could hardly believe he managed to win the RG title given the state of said knees.

Although it's nothing new to hear that Rafa's been playing with infiltrations (painkiller injections) most of the season, it makes me feel so sad -- to be reminded time and time again how much Rafa has been suffering throughout his entire career so far -- and at the same time guilty for hoping/expecting him to win everything.

We fans are so spoiled by his tremendous achievements at such young age that we keep asking for more. With that being said, from now one I'll try to enjoy his tennis for a sheer pleasure of seeing him play and won't be greedy for more titles. (Easier said than done, I know.) All I want is a healthy smiley Rafa. Anything beyond what he's already achieved is a bonus.

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ͧѴ͡ѹ Ѵ Фس͹ͧ ѺǺҹ駷ն͡ҷѹա 8-9 ԧҵ͹ ͹

ҵ͹Ό 纵 ෹ҿҤʹء ǡҤǡѹայ͹سͧ鹺͡ԤСѹШ

Ѻͧͧ͡ ѭѹ еͧ¹騺͹ !!! Һ¨ԧ ҹҧѴ

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˵ءóͺͧ WB12 ͧҿѺѡ෹ 3 ѡмҹ ¤ѧعʧ ҿѧ ? ٷͧѧҹҨ¹֧ ͧʴТش ? 令ͧԤ´ա ѴԹ ¹..ҧҡͺѺҹͧǤѧҡ¹ѹʹյ ͹֡ѧ 駪ª ¹ ¹ ͹˹ѧͧǢͧҿẺ෻

ҿͺͧ WB12 ҧ ? (6-7 (9), 6-4, 6-4, 2-6, 6-4)

ҡúҧ ҧ͹ͧɳҿҡ͹Сѹ ҿҤͤշش йҨеͺӶշش ٷͧػ繻 ѧ
1. ѹҿ蹴¾ѧҹٺ Ҹԡ´ ͧԴҡ ੾ 3 á ááᴧỴ á ҿҡ褧Һ
I played with little bit less energy than other times.
I didnt have the right inspiration in the first three sets in a few points. To win these kind of matches I must have this inspiration in that moments; I didnt. Later was impossible, no?
I played bad and my return wasnt work very well. I think my served worked well,.

2. Rosol ѹ ෹觪Ե Ẻè ੾ 5 ͧ¡Ҽҧç (ͧº͡ شʹ Ẻ窹ء) ǤسᡡẺѹ ͺ 3 絺ͺ 3 絫͹ (֧ҼѹաѺҿҡ Ҩҡáѹ҅)
Thats happens when you play against a player who is able to hit the ball very hard, hit the ball without thinking and feeling the pressure.
At the end, when the opponent wants to play like he wanted to play in the fifth, you are in his hands, no? Everything was going right for him in the fifth.
The thing is today he played great. He played special. Sure, if he played the way he played the fifth set, you can win against everybody. But I think everybody who follows tennis knows that thats very difficult to do every day. But if hes able to do it this time, he will have his chance. I wish him all the best.

3. ѹաõѴԹ㨻Դѧ 駷սѧҿ蹴ҡ ҿ˹ҵҺ͡حѺµ͹ԹҺ͡ҨлԴѧҡԹһҳ 45 ҷ ʹʧФҴҨ״͹ 5 ح͡ ä Ȣͧҿҡ Rosol ѧѡ͡ѡ regroup
So was big surprise for me when they told me they need 30 to 45 minutes. Thats the only thing. My feeling was is completely new stadium with new roof, so the normal thing is cover the roof in 5, 10 minutes. That was my thought.
I was playing well in the fourth. I think I played a great fourth set. Sure the stop this time didnt help me. Thats the sport. Thats it.
For sure wasnt the best one for me. But thats what it is and accept. Accept that he came back and played unbelievable the fifth.

ҡ..þ駹ç Ѻ෹ʢͧҿ͹Ҥ ?

鹨ҡҿͧ 繨ҡҡ㹡ɳ ҡ ? 礧ҡ繸 self ? 礧պҧ繸 зء駵ҿͧ Դ 5 ҿҤԴͧ ͹駷ҹ ҿͨǹ¹ҹѡ͹ѡ ǴԴͧ礧Ҿͤ ֧мҹ˹ ٷͧҿҨ仨ʹͺ˹ ҿҧҧ (§ ͹ҷ) ШԵ(Ҩҡá֡촴Թ ҡѡ) ⤷͵ ǵͧҴ Halle ʹͫͧͺ QF 礧稫ͧ 3 絫͹ ǡ礧ҡҹ͹ءҧŧǢҴ

ѧ鹺ҧվҨ͡ẺҴ ѹ˵ؼŢͧѹ..ѹ蹹ͧ It happens for a reasonͶҤԴ㹷ҧǡ 觻 2012 ҹ ҿҼҹá֡˹ѡҵʹ 4 ͹ (վѡ͹ оѡҧѹա 1 ͹) ҿѡҤ King of Clay ҧʧҧҹ 4 ҧʶԵԻѵʵšº ҿҵͧá Break.駹ҨͧѺҿҡ ҿѡ͹ 仴ٺ EURO12 Ѵԧ ໹-Ե ໹ТҴ 4-0 ҧդآ ͧѡǹ ǷšѺ͹٧ҧ͹ ͡ʾѡ͹Ѻͺ ԹѺǽ ¹ӡѺͧ ҧʧͧµΌ ʹ᷺ءҷ зӤѭ͡仵Ǩҧúǹ մѡ úӺѴҧ١ͧ ͧѡҧ索Ҵ 15 ѹ 繵鹅ҿҨѧҹҡѹ㹤ѧͧ С෹ʵ ͧѡѧͧѡ…ҡöٺʹ ѧͧѡͤ ҡ仡ҡ Work hard Play hard ͧáشѡ and a Break

⨷ӤѭͧҿҤ лԷҾ㹡ÿ鹿ٷҾ Ҿ෹ ҾԵ;ѧҹ дд㹡ŧ觢ѹ ͹ҿ 20 ѹ㹡ÿ鹿١ШԵ ҡ鹧ҹҵʹ͹ ҡԤ WB ͹͹ ͧʹ촻ٹ㹷ջԡҷԴ USO12 ѧҡ鹡ʹ ҿҨ͡պҧ¡õҾҧ Фҡִçա World Tour Final ͹͹ ;ٴ Ѻ觻ѧ ԴѺԴ͹͹ ѧ

СѺ仵ͺӶ þ駹ç Ѻ෹ʢͧҿ͹Ҥ ?
ٷͧԴ ҿҨе 3 ͧšա Ե෹ʢͧҿѧҡ ͧ仴¤ѴѧúҴ еͧ˹ѡ "úҴç" зҿ෹Ǩ֧Ţ 3 ͹ҹҿҨͧ ֧§ҧҿѭҹ ´Ք աѧ㨷еͧش 緪áŷʹ Bernabeu ͧ˭ ͧѴԹ㨷 ҿҨ᷺ء緪 ء 80-90 緪줧 ҿҵͧ͡ ͧ͹Ǻҧ¡ҡ ù 觹蹨˹ҧѧͧ WB12 شԹ 30 Džͺͺͧ͡ç
зءͺ ҿ෹ʵ͹ҾҧШԵó ;ٴաҧ ෹ʢͧҿҔ ͹šԴҿҵͧó駡

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͹¹֧˭Ԥ觢ѹ͹͹ ͨš觢ѹ WB12 ͺͧҧҴ Top 4 㹢еͧ 5 ᷹ҿõ ͤԧ GS ءʹ 4 ش WB11-USO11-AO12-FO12 ҿ- աDž࿴Ҫ Ҫеͧ 3-1 ͺͧ ԧ㹽ѹ ࿴- ǡҹླ FEDAL RANOLE дѺҵǹѴԧҤҾ 8000 ͹ ͻҳ 4 ʹҷ ҅ ࿴Ѻ͡ѹҵ USO08 AO10 ࿴з 2 駹áԴѹ WB12 ͧ駤ѹ٧ҡԹ

࿴ GS 17 ͹ͺ 31 դͺ١ὴ ʶԵԵŢӹǹ GS Ҩ֧ ࿴ WB 7 ҡѺշ ѧ 1 ͧš׹Ҩҡ ҡҿҷ仵ҧ 10 2 ի觨з࿴ʶԵԡäͧ 1 ͧšǹҹشšҡҾշ 286 ҷԵ ػ ࿴˹͡Ҿշ㹷ءó

GS áͧͧѧҡҪԧ 3 ͺ SF йѺǹ 繤ѧɤá WB ѧҡ Fred Perry GS ( WB 3 ¤ 1934-36) 76 ͹ѹʶԵԷ˭ͧѧɷ繵鹵Ѻͧ෹
ѢС繢ͧ蹷շشѹԧлѵʵҧ礧ͧ١ѹաѹҷԵ 8 áҤ 2012 ա

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Ѻ෹Ԥչ繤駷 14 (áش 1924 Ѵ 7 С秴 ෹ʡѺԤա㹻 1988) 2012 Summer Olympics ; London Game ШѴ鹷 All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club in Wimbledon, London, ѹ 28 ֧ 5 ʤ ֧÷ش ѺѺѡҷ褧繻ʺó㹪Եͧ ͧҡ෹ԤѴ˭繤á ͧԴ٫ҡ͡ʷԤǹѺҨѴ͹͹ WB աѹйҹ˹ 駹繤áա觢ѹú 5 ˭ԧ ˭ԧ Ф

Ҩзǹӡѹѡ 4 շԤѴѡԧ 2008 ҿ­ͧ ͹­Թ ­ͧᴧ (ҿͺͧ) ǹ࿴Ѻʵҹ­ͧ¤ (ѧµͺ Ѻ Ť)

ѡ෹ʷ蹡ѹ㹻Ѩغѹ ء֧ͧ list ͧ繵᷹ҵ 6 ҹ Ҩ(56+8 WC= 64 ) 蹤(24+8 WC=32 ) (12+4 WC=16 ͡Ҩҡ蹷Фо лȨлСȤŧ 31 July 2012) (´ҡ list ҹҧ) Ҩоһ 5 ȷչѡ෹ǵһ 4 Ѱԡ ໹ ਹԹ ¶֧繻ȷ¹ѡ෹ʤسҾ٧ ա˹觡ͻȷ DC ͧ

Ѻǵ 2 Ѱԡ ໹ ҪͳҨѡ ҫ Թ ѧҨһȷӡѹ 3 Ѱԡ ໹ 觷ѡ෹شǵҤ 6 С礧ҴѧѺԤͪ§ȪҵẺ˹ йҨͧҾҡ繺ؤ

ٷͧ蹢ͧ 3 ȹա˹

* Ѱԡ Isner, Roddick, Young ˹¨ Harrison Тзѧ ͧ㹤ὴ Bob-Mike Bryan 繵׹­ ǡǷշش¡ѹ John Isner-Andy Roddick 繤 ҷԴ١蹡ҢͧѰԡ 㹹Ȫҵ Ԥ з DC Ե spirit ٧ҡ ӧҹѹ繷 ء㨪·ö..ͺѰ

* ໹ Rafa(2), Ferre(5), Almagro(11), Verdasco(16) ˹͵ (-) ҧѹѺ Top 20 4 ໹Ҩ繷觷ش駷 ԭ­ͧẺṹ(Ẻʵԡ) Ѵ­ҡ觢ѹ ͧѴͺ˭Ẻ 3 絴…ҧӤѭŧ Ӥѭҧ յ͹Ѻѹ ѹ ? ǹ ໹觷Ѿ Lopez ҤѺ Ferre Marcel ҤѺ Rafa ҡѺ͡ա 2 ҤѺʹշشҷ໹ 礧ͧͧԸըѴѾẺ ?

* Tsonga, Simon, Monfils, Gasquet ͤسҾѺ ͧռŧҹ˭ҷ WB ҡ ͺ SF ҵҡҡ Ҩ surprise Ԥ ͡໹ Llodra ǪҭҡѺѺͧʹշش Benneteau Ѻ Gasquet 繤

ǹٴ֧ؤŷҡ ˭ç٧ҧçҷ­ͧԤ駹 ࿴ Ѻ

* FedererǴԤ駹繤駷 4 ͧͧ 繤ش·͡­ͧ ⪤ WB ʹ˭ҷ趹Ѵشա Ҥ駹礧͡ ֧ 2 ࿴Ѻʵҹ 駤Է­駻Ф..к͡

* Djokovicèӡ觢ѹͺͧԤѡҧ ҿҡѺ ҷ駤͡ѹ 1-1 ж֧ 3 ѹʹش ʹءҡҧ˹¡͹͡ѹ 4-4 ҿԿ͹鹹 5-4 Կ ѹ ҿҨѴҡ Һ騹 deuce ҿ Adv ҿҶѺѧ Base Line ŵШ¡нѧ ١˹ ҿѺѺ ١ͧŧѧ ҿѺѺա ˢ˹ еѧШ ١͡ ҿ緪 Ҫԧ­ͧ Źӵҫ´Ҵ酴ѧ鹻չŤҷǧ­ͧͪҵ͹ ٷͧش

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ª͹ѡ෹Ԥ ҡ
ҴŷԴ繢ͧ Top 4 ҤԴҧáѺ෹Ԥ WB չ

; 纻Ǵҡ ࿴­ͧ 觡 double slam ͧ¹ӵҵ͹ͺͧ ҧ
Obviously I learned a lot from losing in the last Olympics how important it was to me. But when I lost, it hurt me a lot.. When I saw the reaction of the players up on the podium you know, even Roger won a doubles gold medal. If he won a doubles Grand Slam I don't think he would have been as emotional. Even Novak winning a bronze medal and being in tears. You wouldn't see that losing the semifinals of a slam. So it means a lot to the players.
Having it in London is going to make a difference to the support. Playing it at Wimbledon as well is going to make it special.
So I think winning a medal for your country is a big achievement.

; Ԥ繡ͪҵ ҨդҤ㹡繵᷹ҵ դ駪ҵس 駹ѹйʹҡسշҵʹ WB
Olympic Games are pinnacle of all sports, in my opinion. I had this honor to be representing my country four years ago in Beijing. I won the bronze medal, so it was one of the best achievements and best feelings I had as a professional athlete.
Most of the tournaments that we play actually all the tournaments we play we play as an individual tennis players. There are very few competitions as Olympic Games where we can feel the team spirit, as in Davis Cup. But this is even more. It makes you really proud of wearing your national colors, having athletes from your country coming to support you,
We're going to have the opportunity to wear the national colors, so it's going to be interesting to see that.

ҿ ; Ԥˡҷ˭شš 繡ʻԵáҢͧ 繻ʺó˭ҡ ١ҷشʹء Olympics
The Olympics is the most important competition of the world of sport. In my opinion, that's the real spirit of the sport.
Was probably one of the greatest experiences I ever had in this world. In my opinion is something that everybody from the popular sports, that we are very lucky to have a circuit like tennis or basketball football. Is great for us that we have almost everything, go there, and enjoy that experience.

࿴ ; Ԥ 2000 Դ з͹͹չл繤駷 4 ..amazing ! ͧǹҵ蹵 ¹ҡ· ѧҤ駹˭蹡ѹ
I just made the cut back in 2000. I was still very young then. I was only 18, 19. I was obviously able to make the Olympics. That was a big deal for me.
Ever since I've qualified, so it's amazing to me that this is already my fourth Olympics.
Obviously, I learned a lot as well like living in the Village, carrying the flag, responsibilities, seeing huge press rooms, facing a lot of pressure, winning gold. You name it, there were a lot of things that I was able to take away from the Olympic Games. I hope it's going to be something similar this time.

ػͧ˭һ 2012ҼŢͧ WB12 Ԥ ͹͹ 2012 ͡ҧ 繡ҧѵʵǧ෹ʷ йѡ෹ʷءѹҡ繼ҧѵʵ蹡ѹ š觢ѹ˭һչ餧ж١Ծҡ Ԩó ѹաǹҹ Ҩ觼šзԡѹԴ¹ŧͧաҡ͹Ҥչ ˹ лնѴ

سԹҧ㹻ѵʵѹ˭ѧ ?

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.... 2-5-10-13-14-15-16
Ҥѵʵ캷áͧ˭һչ WB12 final Ѵԧ ࿴- ҧѵʵ

׹ô ?
¾餹蹴 繼骹 !!

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Sorry, my bad. I thought the meeting would be either today or tomorrow. ҹẺҹ ѹ 8-9 ͹ ѧͺʧҷ繡ѹѧ That's why I suggested we communicate on the phone instead. ա :)

8-9 Aug ѹѹظ- weekend ͧջѭ ¤еԴҹ (Ҩ˹?!?)

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س NV ...ҷԵ͹˹ѹش 仵 ¤Ҩ蹡ѹ úǹ
ͧҡس͹ͧѹ ͵͹ѡѹ Ok...ҹй鹼˭Ԥ͡ ͧҷ
˹... update ѹ˹ к¡ѹԴ ѧ㨡ѹ...Ό෹ҿ ʹء 555

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Gold Medal 750
Silver Medal 450
Bronze Medal 340
4th Place 270
QF (ͺ 8 ) 135

ѧѹѺ 1 Ѻ 2 ͧ࿴ Ҩաþԡѹա Фṹ࿴ҡ 75 ṹ㹵͹
ͧҿѹѺ 3 4 ¹ŧ

ṹ racing ͧ 2012 Ѻṹŧҹ੾㹻 2012 (ẺҿҤԴẺʹ ԴẺṹ ranking С) ֧ѹ
ѹѺ 1 ࿴ 7095
ǹѹ 2 ҡѹ ҿ 6840
觵ҧѹ 255 ṹ ѧ ṹԤ Ҩṹ racing ¹ѹѺ
(3 ෾ GS Ҥ 1 GS ռŧҹشʹ§ѹ ҧ⾴ҡѡ෹ʷ 㹻չ 3 դṹ 8 ¹ WTF ͹͹㹵͹)

觢ѹͨҡ繤촻ٹ outdoor 㹷ջԡ ͹ indoor û͹»...ҿҨºաͧ෾ͤ з࿴ŶѴ촻ٹ ੾࿴Ѵ indoor ҡ...ҿ趹Ѵ indoor ش ҧá ҡ ѧҿҵʹ....͹ԴǡդآѺΌ෹ҿ....

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ͺس͹͹ ͹ͧѺµѹԺʤͨѴҹԺͧԧ ֧ҧѹỴҹ ͤ㨨
ش֧ҿ ͹ҿһҳẺùҡʹչ ҪʹѹѺš ֡֡ѧԴҿҨСѺҧʧҧ
Ǿѹ ҡ ͺҹ˹ѡ

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Don't get me wrong. I'd love and be so happy to see all ˹. Can't wait, really!

Khun Oon, No problem ja. There're four of us so far.
ͧ͡к պҵͺ Όҿҷҹ The more, the merrier.

Khun Moothong, Totally agree with you that Ό෹ҿ ʹء ÷鴴 鷴ͺԵҹҹʹ ;)

Btw, ṹ racing ҧѹҡѺ ATP Singles Race to London Aren't they the same thing?!?

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Beijing Olympic champion Rafael Nadal has withdrawn from the London 2012 Olympic Games because of injury. T_T


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ش ҿҶ͸ҵ໹Ԥ
ҿҡͧѡҵ Όҡҿ෹ա4-5Ẻ෾
Take a rest and recovery well Rafa,
We will always love you.

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Ԥҿҡѧ ҨѺԵԧ

: ͧ IP: ѹ: 28 áҤ 2555 :0:12:01 .  

Without Rafa, I won't follow tennis at the OG anymore but will be watching other sports instead.

Btw, will we still have a meeting on Aug 8/9?

: NV IP: ѹ: 28 áҤ 2555 :21:58:40 .  

ѹԧҤФ ѹỴǧ繵ԴáԨѹŷҨӹdzԡ ֧ǨҤسٷͧФسФ

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ʹ Ѵѹѹ 9 Сѹ...͡ѹա˹ س update ҿѧ ҹش

: ٷͧ IP: ѹ: 1 ԧҤ 2555 :2:19:56 .  

The update is there's no update. ;) Hopefully, Rafa will be fully fit for Cincy.

Waiting to hear about our meeting on Aug 9.

: NV IP: ѹ: 7 ԧҤ 2555 :18:05:17 .  

Όҿҷءҹѧä ͧҡͺҧѧѴ+ʹ· 7 ѹǴѺա ҹ ͡˹ҹФѺ

Hi all, another message to announce something that definitely doesn't make me happy, but unfortunately I won't be competing at the tournament in Cincinnati next week. I am still not ready to play. I have many fans in Cincy and unforgettable moments such as 2008. I am continuing with my recup and practice. Thanks!

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ù....ҹѴѹ 2 ˹
͹Όҿش ҿҶ͹ǵͧ. Cincinnati ա ѧҨ෹ʢͧҿҷUSO

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͹ شͧҿաش Όҿʹ˹¹ФѺ ෹ʷҿҹ ˹ءҫ

I am very sad to announce that I am still not ready to play ad have to withdraw from this year's US Open in NYC. I am sorry since I always found great crowds and great support, but I have to continue with my recuperation and preparation to be ready to play in the right conditions. I want to say hi and thanks to all the fans in particular to the new yorkers. I'll miss you all this year at the Open!

: ͧ IP: ѹ: 15 ԧҤ 2555 :23:09:53 .  

Moya: Rafa will be back and better than before.


: NV IP: ѹ: 17 ԧҤ 2555 :2:37:55 .  

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