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กันยายน 2548
30 กันยายน 2548
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With Love

With love, I used to crawl on the ground,
begging like never before,
just to keep the love with me

With love, I later swore,
that without the love,
I shall not live like I lived

With love, I blind,
not knowing anything around,
tasting only the sweetness of dream

With love, I crumbled, on the ground,
grieving, begging for no more,
not the love that hurt me no more

With love, I get up, look forward,
and allow myself for new love

Love happen by itself............
the chemistry between two ,
only one can't force love to be

Without love, I cannot be,
not what I am today,
but what I am..........

Create Date : 30 กันยายน 2548
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