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The Talented Mr. Duff...

The other day, I posted a Strangelove's song and today I have digged into the lead singer - Patrick Duff's bio which written by himself... It says...

I started playing my guitar in the street when I was 17. I didnt know anyone elses songs apart from John Lennon so I had to make up my own songs. I took the people going past and the concrete walls of the subway and the dogs and the wind and the shadows and the litter and the fags and all the shit I was going through and I made them into spontaneous songs. Sky songs I called them because they just came out of my mouth over whatever chords I felt like and it seemed like they fell out of the sky. I never remembered any of them all that remains is a questionable memory that they were brilliant. They empowered me. When I sang them I was invincible. I could walk through walls and peoples glances bounced off me like toy arrows. I opened my mouth and the words poured out all over that filthy subway floor and I stood waist deep in them.

One day, when I was 22 and I was already an old man, Dave Francolini was driving past in his big car. He stopped and listened to me singing my songs. 'Youre going to be a pop star' he said 'get in the back of the car'. Dave introduced me to Alex and Julian. Me and Alex dropped acid and stayed up all night playing guitars. And that was Strangelove.

We got signed after five gigs. I remember driving up to London in the car. 'Why are we going to London today?' I said to Alex. 'Weve got a deal' he said. I hadnt realised that it was even happening. 'Does that mean we dont have to sign on anymore?' I said. 'Yeah' Alex said. That sounded alright to me. I told them down the dole that I wasnt going into the job club anymore and they looked disappointed. They hated me and anyone like me and they had a job licking the crap out of ditches all lined up for me and I escaped by the skin of my teeth.

In Strangelove I was able to get out all my thoughts and fears and secrets through performing and writing my lyrics. I couldnt read then and could barely write, Id never read a book and I couldnt understand what they were going on about at school. So my lyrics came straight from the heart. I always found being around people difficult when I was young. I couldnt talk to anyone about what was really going on for me and when I tried people backed off. I put my world into that band and tried to make it real. The words were the vehicle for my energy. The energy was what was important. And my fans told me they loved me and that was amazing and basically kept me alive through a beautiful but harrowing time.


See how talent he is!! Here comes the beautiful alone!!
I will say no more...


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