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Ian Chalermkittichai

I has managed to write about my cooking experiment since I first starting this blog.But I have never had a chance to get into the kitchecn at all.

I named this Group Blog as Iron Chef after my favorite T.V. show on cable T.V.

I like watching cooking show a lot both Thai and Farang.There's one Thai cooking show on Ch.5 name "เชฟมือทอง" The host is a real chef and he speaks Thai with Farang accent. That's why he attracted me. It's a day time show so even I like this show a lot but I can't watch it as much as I want.

For the last few months I haven't seen him on the show but as I said I can't follow every episode so I don't know why he's missing.

Yesterday I took a sick leave and it's Thursday.I tuned in Ch.5, didn't expect to see him.But I was surprised he's there.This episode he's invited his friend as a special guest for today.She used to ran a retaurant in New York, while they were talking the girl has mentioned Iron Chef America. Chef Ian had joined that show!!!!!! wooowww

Here's his info on foodnetwork website:

Ian Chalermkittichai
Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand
Profession: Chef/owner, Kittichai, New York City
Experience: Cooked at Darley Street in Sydney and was the executive chef at the Four Seasons in Bangkok before coming to New York to open Kittichai
Cuisine: Authentic, modern Thai
Accolades: First Thai national to be named executive chef at a five-star hotel in Bangkok (the Four Seasons); Kittichai: Best New American Restaurants, Travel+Leisure (December, 2004); Best New Asian Restaurants, Food & Wine, (September, 2005)

And here's his restaurant website:


If anyone is in New York now, don't forget to check it out
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I wanna be a chef ,would this dream ever come true?

โดย: Pebbles วันที่: 20 เมษายน 2550 เวลา:13:11:01 น.  

ข้าวผัดหนำเลี๊ยบแก ทำชั้นหมดความเชื่อมั่นในรสนิยมในการกินแกมั่กๆว่ะ...


โดย: cutie_dedevil วันที่: 21 พฤษภาคม 2550 เวลา:0:21:02 น.  


โดย: วิตามินโซดา วันที่: 1 มิถุนายน 2550 เวลา:10:10:49 น.  

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