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พฤศจิกายน 2551
3 พฤศจิกายน 2551
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World Film Festival Bangkok 2008

WFF BKK has just ended today. Lots of interesting films were shown here this year. Unfortunately, I had chances to see only three films due to my stomach symptom last weekend. That was really bad because I intended to see "A Paralyzed Circus" which is directed by Ter+, a friend from my undergraduate faculty. I had even bought the ticket before time, but I just couldn't go... so sad. T__T However, Jang told me that the film was real good, so I hope it will be shown again somewhere?

Three films I have seen at the WFF this year are "A Moment in June", "Three Monkeys", and "Sita Sings The Blues". And here comes my comments;

1. A Moment in June (Thailand) 7.5/10

This film is one of the highlight of the festival, starring many famous Thai actors/actresses. It is directed by O Nattapol, a new wave director who had made some short films before, but this is his very first feature film.
A Moment in June somewhat resembles one of my favorite films "In the Mood for Love" in the way the story goes, the cinematography, or even the music used in the film. The director also mentioned that he was inspired by that Wong Kar Wai's film.
Considering this is his first feature, I would say the film is quite good, and the director does have some talents. I love its cinematography quite a lot. However, the film cannot match Wong Kar Wai's film, since I feel that the flow of the film is not good enough, and that's perhaps caused by some awkward acting when comparing to Tony Leung and Maggie Cheung's flawless acting in "In the Mood for Love".
However, this film is a nice start for O Nattapol really. And I wish him well in the film industry.

2. Three Monkeys (Turkey) 8/10

Actually, I would like to see the documentary film "A Jihad for Love", but I got up late - -", so I changed my plan to see this film instead. One reason is that the films won a prize from Cannes Film Festival, that should guarantee something.
It was not a disappointing choice. "Three Monkeys" did a good job in depicting a family's hardships and the results of them choosing to deny the problems by behaving like the three monkeys; not hearing, not seeing, not speaking.
The tone of the film is very much like other Turkish films I have seen, however, I still prefer Fatih Akin's the most.

3. Sita Sings The Blues (USA) 9/10

Thanks God, I did not miss such a brilliant film!
Sita Sings The Blues is the real hidden jewel in the US animation industry. Though I love Pixar Animations so much, but this film is so fresh and so creative that I can't help rating it as high as some Pixar films.
Sita Sings The Blues tells the Ramayana epic, but from Sita's point, which is quite interesting, because it lets us see another side of the story; a cruel side of Rama. 555
The animation is only plain drawing, but it was created wisely, and it is unbelievably suited well with 1920's jazz vocals of Annette Hanshaw. Together with funny and witty dialogues, I really enjoyed and laughed throughout the whole film.
The film is very easy to understand that I believe children will love it too. ^^

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