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Ann Benjamas is a new generation of makeup artist who has effectively integrated the use of social media to enhance the visibility her work with over 17,000 followers on her beauty blog, over 600,000 hits on her YouTube channel, and an author of a how-to book on makeup- titled “The Beauty Shortcuts”.

Ann start to dabble in the fashion industry started working as a fashion writer for arrays of international fashion publications such as Grazia (Italian), Ray (Japan), S Cawaii (Japan) and Vivi (Japan). After which she decided to venture into the beauty industry as a professional make-up artist and beauty blogger which eventually lead her to become a full blown beauty author and industry influencer in Thailand. She has numerous partnerships and sponsors from various make up and beauty industries leading brands which include Kanebo Japan, Canmake, L’Oréal Paris, Bobbi Brown, and Maybelline New York.

She has done makeup for celebrities, TV shows, commercials, printed advertisements, and fashion editorials.

Her works have been featured in internationally recognizable publications such as Elle magazine Thailand, InStyle magazine Thailand, JMen Malaysia, Esquire Singapore, Elléments magazine US, Zink Magazine, Elegant magazine, Fucking Young US, Flawless Magazine US, Vogue Thailand, The Sun UK, and The Daily Mirror UK.

Ann Benjamas is currently based in New York.



My official website // Beauty Society สงสัยเรื่องเครื่องสำอาง ถามคนใช้จริงดีกว่า

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