Shin HyeSung 정필교
Do you listen to korean music? Well~ I do, though I'm not korean. For me, I'm still in midst of figuring out korean language & learning more korean words.

Here I wish to introduce a singer to you. If you like Shinhwa, then he will not be a stranger to you. He is a member of the korean boygroup - SHINHWA, his name is Shin HyeSung (정필교).

Real Name: Jung Phil Gyo
English Name: Steve Jung
Korean Name: 정필교
Nicknames: Sonic
Birthday: November 27, 1979
Blood Type: A
Height: 179 cm
Weight: 65 kg
Talents: Singing and Taekwondo
Education: Cheonan University (faculty of English)

Wish to recommend to everyone his first album - LOVE OF MAY 오월지련 [五·月·之·戀], the debut song "Katun Saenggak". I love this song a lot... the lyrics is also so.... oooohhhh~~~

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Oh, LOVE OF MAY? It makes me think of that Mayday movie. So far, I prefer Eric Mun. Why? Because I like Super Rookie~! Haha

PS. Will you go to see May Snow?
โดย: MOMO วันที่: 11 เมษายน 2549 เวลา:13:59:38 น.
kekeke.... but I think one of his song "거울" Guh Ooll (means MIRROR) in recorded into the movie MAYDAY's movie too. It was listed in the movie's soundtrack.

In Shinhwa, my top choice man is Minwoo and followed by HyeSung. But now, I think both are on par... like both~

I'm not joing to view MAY SNOW... kakkoii didn't invite me.
โดย: ino (yumegokochi ) วันที่: 11 เมษายน 2549 เวลา:15:35:57 น.
I love this song too!!! I have it in my blog! NICE YOU HAVE!!! hi-5 for we are Shin Hye Sung lover!
โดย: susilo IP: วันที่: 11 พฤษภาคม 2549 เวลา:0:00:32 น.
i m not korean too, but i like
Shin Hye Sung (fr Shinhwa ) so much

he has sweet voice and beautiful face
and i 'm still learning Korea language
by myself

it 's funny to know what he say
โดย: no-bi-khung IP: วันที่: 28 พฤศจิกายน 2550 เวลา:8:46:13 น.
วรัญญา ลอยสุวงศ์
โดย: เตย ส.ย62วั้นยา IP: วันที่: 5 ธันวาคม 2550 เวลา:16:28:13 น.
don't know how i ended up here
trying to confess to u how much
i like this song><~~

i heard it in Love Letter when Sungie
sang it to a girl on the show...arggggg~
i wish i were her..

anyway just randomly drop here
hope u don't mind :)
โดย: Over Protected!~* IP: วันที่: 17 ธันวาคม 2550 เวลา:20:23:37 น.
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