SG Wannabe SG워너비 - Partner In Life (내 나람) & Slow (느림보)
Watched a MV serial by Korean group - SG워너비 (SG Wannabe) as I saw in an interview, the cast of the MV was Kim Dongwan from Shinhwa. Geezzzzeee... I really hate the ending, man! And especially the cop in the mv, he actually ordered the snipper to shoot Dongwan; whom was trying to save his wife!

Anyway~ the MV was shot brilliantly with a script to that of a movie. This is the 3rd album from SG워너비 (SG Wannabe), they did the same in this album as what they did during their 2nd release. They did released a 2-parters MV and both times, the MV were good. So here I wish to recommend this 2-parters MV to all.

Partner In Life 내 나람 (Part 1)

Slow 느림보 (Part 2)

Interview of Kim Dongwan & Jung So Young

Name: David
Real Name: Chae Dong-Ha
Birthday: June 23, 1981
Height: 182 cm
Weight: 73 kg
Blood Type: A
Hobbies: Camcorder recording, Watching movies
Debut : “Nature” Chae Dong-ha’s 1st album (2002)

Name: Whyme
Real Name: Kim Yong-Joon
Birthday: September 12, 1984
Height: 174 cm
Weight: 67 kg
Blood Type: AB
Education : Anyang Arts High School

Name: Kim Jin-Ho
Birthday: May 21, 1986
Height: 176 cm
Weight: 68 kg
Blood Type: B
Education : Daewon High School

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ขอเจิมๆๆ <-- Let me leave message for the first one

บล็อกสวยมากเลยค่ะ...เพลงเพราะ ชอบๆๆๆ <-- Your blog is so beautiful and music is also nice. I like them.

You should a notice in your blog as "English Only" ^^;; Well, you are really Korean Freak! Woah, I saw many many things about Korea here. Just only one talking about TW series. So far, enjoy to watch the video files.

*I got some rice candy from you
**I got CDs, but now Lamb chan is converting files and add subtitle. I may able to see on Tue. She said it has y*t finished.
***Today Lamb chan and I got caughted by police!!!!!!!
โดย: MOMO วันที่: 21 พฤษภาคม 2549 เวลา:22:09:28 น.
Cupid -> Thanks for coming & your kind compliments.

MOMO -> Thanx for translation. I added "NOTE" to my profile already. ^^

Yeah~ indeed.. noticed that I'm watching many Korean stuffs recently. Hohoho~ but no worries, I'm not forgetting Japan. ^^ Well~ nothing much happening in TWN currently except that RAIN released a chinese song & MV in China recently; and Junki visiting TWN.

Do you like the candy? It reminds me of Genmai-cha! *I wrote reply in my previous entry too*
Yes... she has only till ep 12, if I not wrong with calculation, the show will be 20 episodes long.
What happened you both got caught?? What you did you both did?
โดย: ino (yumegokochi ) วันที่: 22 พฤษภาคม 2549 เวลา:1:48:06 น.
Pa Hamu!

Hohoho happy, see everyone like this theme!!?! I converted into VCD format, but.. I forgot that I should convert into NTSC version. So now, I downloaded some programs and will convert into NTSC VCD and also will add English subtitle.

Rain released a Thai song too. I think about 2 years ago. I will show you when I'm back. i want to meet Junki------!!

Umm.. I don't know much about Korean song, but the files you selected to show here are nice. I like both.

ps1. I wrote about the police case in my blog.
ps2. There is 'King and the Clown" DVD here, will bring back home and share with you.
โดย: Deliver วันที่: 22 พฤษภาคม 2549 เวลา:2:16:47 น.
Indeed~ everyone loves this 'dreamy state of mind' theme. ^^

Happy converting a'~ I'll send over the rest of the remaining episodes when I get all.

I didn't know Rain released so many languages song. My friend likes him a lot~ I'll show to her when I get it from you

> i want to meet Junki------!!
I wanna meet Minwoo~~~

But do you notice? Most time, songs that I recommend are ballads/slow love-sad-heartbreaking songs? Maybe I'm living a "agonised" life?

I saw your "police case" update.. Hahaha~ didn't know it's not allowed to ride a person in bike.

Oh~ i'll sure be looking forward to your 'King and the Clown" DVD! Is it chinese subtitles or we can choose betwen English & Chinese?
โดย: ino (yumegokochi ) วันที่: 22 พฤษภาคม 2549 เวลา:11:58:29 น.
ino, i have seen the mv too. very sad ending. I hate it too. Stupid police man...The king and the clown dvd is out? in singapore??? I love Lee Jung Ki too!!He is such a lady man...
โดย: susilo IP: วันที่: 23 พฤษภาคม 2549 เวลา:11:20:57 น.
Yo sus~ the dvd is out for sale in YesAsia currently. I'm not sure if SG sells it or not. If you wanna buy, you can check it out at YesAsia site.
โดย: ino (yumegokochi ) วันที่: 25 พฤษภาคม 2549 เวลา:15:23:38 น.
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