AnyBand - TPL (Talk, Play, Love)
Korea's electronics MNC giant, Samsung recently formed a promotional Korean music band called "AnyBand(애니밴드)" to promote their AnyCall mobile phone's latest product - "AnyBand" mobile. AnyCall is a child brand established by Samsung in 1993. They are repackaged mobiles from Samsung which are sold throughout Asia & they carry up to almost 90% of all Samsung mobile's latest features.

Anyone who is into the Korean scene will surely know AnyCall mobile series' advertisement campaign & how famous their commerial-MVs are. AnyCall has produced very well received commercial-MVs since their launch & they have always managed to sign up the top artistes to promote their mobile series for them. Their previous 3 commerical-MVs featured Lee Hyo-ri(이효리) & Eric Mun(문정혁) for Anymotion series, Lee Hyo-ri(이효리) & Kwon Sang Woo(권상우) for Anyclub and Lee Hyo-ri(이효리) & Lee Jun-ki(이준기) for Anystar. With Lee Hyo-ri(이효리)'s contract ending soon, the company decided not to continue & instead, formed "AnyBand(애니밴드)" for their new mobile phones classified as UFO (meaning : "Unimaginable, Fast Speed, & Oh, 7.2Mbps") series.

"AnyBand(애니밴드)" consist of 4 members - XIAH Jun Su(시아준수) from Dong Bang Shin Ki (동방신기), Tablo(타블로) from Epik High(에픽 하이), BoA(보아) & jazz pianist Jin Bora(진보라). The group released 2 promo songs, 'TPL (Talk, Play, Love)' & 'Promise U' for the mobile series; filming took place in Brazil. A 3rd song titled 'AnyDream' has been announced to be upcoming & will debut on 27th November 2007 during the band's concert. The campaign debuted with a press conference & also, the premiere of the full 9mins commercial-MV in Korea on 7th November 2007. A debut digital single for the 2 songs was released for sale on 8th November 2007 & an upcoming concert will be held on 27th November 2007 @ Central City Millenium Hall, Seoul.

I personally like the mobile Tablo(타블로) used in the video, it's SCH-W300/SPH-W3000(also known as SGH-U700). Guess what~ the power of their commercial-MV resulted in the above... hahaha!! Although it is not the "Unimaginable, Fast Speed, & Oh, 7.2Mbps", but still~ it carries all the same functions & is a 3.5G mobile w/3.6Mbps HSDPA(High Speed Downlink Packet Access) technology. *hohoho~~~*

The motto for this campaign is "Talk, Play, Love." hoping to deliver the message to people to share love, to have fun & to be happy. It's interesting to know that while some people feels technology isolates people, but Samsung thinks otherwise & opt to promote the concept that technology unites people. Through the 9mins commerical-MV, it is not hard to understand Samsung's overall concept for their promo campaign.

AnyBand(애니밴드) - TPL (Talk, Play, Love)

[P/S : This song is said to be written by Tablo(타블로) from Epik High(에픽 하이).]

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NEW PHONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What are you naming this one? HAHA! xDDD
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i love the song by them. there is a secret color samsung which are limited ed for sale in KOrea. I wanna get one of that man.,.
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