MTV Asia Awards 2006 - The Saga Of The Codehunters

Hooooooooo~ finally the day has come! Tomorrow MTV will be holding MTV Asia Awards 2006 in Bangkok, Thailand at Siam Paragon. Waaaaaaaaaah~ I wish I could be in Bangkok now… coz I wanna go and watch this awards ceremony!!! *But too bad~ my trip to Bangkok has already been scheduled for this year-end’s NEW YEAR countdown party.*

some of the attending/performing guest artistes

This year, the host of the show will be Wang Lee Hom & Kelly Rowland. Woah~ last year it was Vanness Wu, and this year it’s Lee Hom. *cool!* As news that I read on MTV Asia website, the confirmed performing artiste includes Jolin Tsai, Se7en, Lee Ryan, KoЯn and etc… Also, it is confirmed that Kang Ta, Vanness Wu, Chang Chen, Vicky Zhao, TWINS and many others will be gracing the event… *Wonder if Shinhwa is really gonna be there or not? Wanna see my Hye Sung…*

The Saga Of The Codehunters - Shen

Well~ if you are like me, unable to go down to Siam Paragon to see the event, we can watch the delayed telecast on MTV channel.

The Saga Of The Codehunters - Lawan

On MTV Chinese channel, the prelude - Road to Bangkok will be telecast on May 6, 2006(Sat) at 10:30pm, followed by the main show - MTV Asia Awards 2006 at 11pm till 1:30am.

The Saga Of The Codehunters - Zom

For MTV SEA channel, the prelude will be telecast on May 6, 2006(Sat) at 11:30pm, followed by the main show at 12midnight till 2:30am. There is a scheduled repeat of the main show for MTV SEA channel on May 7, 2006(Sun) at 12noon.

The Saga Of The Codehunters - NHI

Do catch it if you are free and interested.
Note: Japan artistes are not in this event as MTV Japan have their own individual awards ceremony, which will be held in Japan.

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He said "A pity for you. And guessing this year might be better than last year"

When I studied at ABAC, Utt was my classmate. If I were in BKK, I would surely join in. But I think Lamb chan will be there, she will back from Taiwan tomorrow. And I look at the list, many ppl she knows. *sigh* I want to join in, but so far, have to watch from TV.
โดย: MOMO วันที่: 5 พฤษภาคม 2549 เวลา:21:33:47 น.
Wohoo I will join in for sure!! Tell you what will happen later.
โดย: Deliver วันที่: 6 พฤษภาคม 2549 เวลา:13:13:34 น.
I am waiting for this show. I like TWINS so much.
โดย: โจเซฟิน วันที่: 6 พฤษภาคม 2549 เวลา:13:25:06 น.
MOMO -> thanks for helping me translate. If Shinhwa comes, I wanna join in. I'm waiting for the sale of their concert tix in SG, I'll buy to watch. Coz I'm not sure if my company is the official media or not. *so to play safe~ I'll buy tix first*

Tan -> I'm waiting for your sms ne... is Shinhwa there? hohoho~

Jo -> Me too... waiting for it. 1 hr more!
โดย: ino (yumegokochi ) วันที่: 6 พฤษภาคม 2549 เวลา:20:12:40 น.
OMG~ Kangta & Vanness's new song is HOT!!!
I like it!!!
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