Dennis Oh - Only Wind Only Wind (바람만 바람만)
A guy caught my attention last night when I was previewing SG Wannabe & Kim Jong Kook's collaboration "Only Wind Only Wind" MV. His name is Dennis Oh. He looks cute & I think my friends... especially Tan, MOMO, Carmen & my senior in office might fall for him. True enough, my senior fell for him. Then minutes ago, I showed his picture to Carmen... 2nd one to fall. Hahaha~ so letz see who is next.

Well~ he does look cute & in certain way, he resembles Daniel Henney. Man~ Korea TV station(s) should get both of them to pose as brothers for some dramas, it'll work! Anyway~ what came as a shock to me was... FARCK! He shares same birth date & month as me; except the fact that he is younger than me! Oh man~ ever since Nic Tse, he is the 2nd guy I found to share same birthday as me! (Okay~ minus Michael Jackson... I dunno is he even considered human now... he's just too.... *mouth-zipped*)

Seriously... is there something wrong with me? Everyone that shares same birthday with me enjoy great success... what about me? God... have you forgotten me? I'm here... 여기(Korean)... こちら(Japanese)... 這裡(Chinese)... 呢喥(Cantonese)... hier(German/Dutch)... ici(French)... qui(Italian)... aquí(Spanish/Portuguese)... come bless me~~~ p( >.< )q

SG Wannabe & 김종국(Kim Jong Kook) - 바람만 바람만(Only Wind Only Wind

Name: Dennis Oh
Korean Name: 데니스 오
Real Name: Dennis Joseph O'Neil
Birthday: August 29, 1981
Blood type: A
Height: 188 cm
Weight: 83 kg
Family: Korean mom, American GI dad, elder brother
Hobbies: Photography, Drawing, Travelling
Education : Savannah College Of Art And Design
Awards: 22th Korean model BEST DRESS in 2005
His drama: MBC
Label : The Contents Entertainment

[credits : For Only Dennis, Dennisfans Myspace, Dennis Daum]

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Unnie! I like him too! he is so.... sexy and I love his tatoo. Omo omo.. why such a man exist....
โดย: susilo IP: วันที่: 6 กุมภาพันธ์ 2550 เวลา:6:13:27 น.
you know ino Dennis is my ex-boyfriend ha~ha kidding

so hot!!

take cake my friend
โดย: โจเซฟิน วันที่: 6 กุมภาพันธ์ 2550 เวลา:15:27:59 น.
Wanna see his tattoo~ Can show?

Normally, I don't like any half-caste actor, but Dennis~ AIYO! Cute! haha *nosebleed*
โดย: MOMO วันที่: 6 กุมภาพันธ์ 2550 เวลา:16:05:06 น.
Yeah he looks a looooooooooootlike Daniel Henny. LOL! He's hot, but you know my wife will kill me if he finds out I said that. LOL! XD
โดย: Rhanie Dongsaeng IP: วันที่: 12 กุมภาพันธ์ 2550 เวลา:21:58:07 น.
I'm not sure if the tatoo is real or not... it's found in his site... looks like drawing to me?

I'm just back home from the gala premiere of PROTEGE. I think Daniel Wu can join in the "Daniel + Dennis" gang... all kindda similar style.

My friend commented that Daniel Wu has such a small face... compared to Louis Koo. *Yeah~ both cool guys came to gala premiere today*
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