Back at the old house, those times that my one an only transportation was my bicycle, Zippy was my back up plan. There were times that I was left alone in the house, hungry and the fridge was clean. I used to ride to this neighborhood restaurant. Zippy is a chain restaurant, 24 hours services with the menu ranges from typical breakfast to local Hawaiian dish. It was not our family choice of restaurant when we went out, it was more or less like our everyday meal. You have a choice of self-service or a sit down restaurant. Of course, cheapo like me always choose self-services, no a/c but the weather was great.

We also had Longs Drugs and Safeway 20 yards away from the old house. That’s why my mom was having a habit of getting a daily grocery, and a clean fridge. THAT WAS NOT RIGHT MOMMY! KIDS NEED JUNK FOOD IN THE FRIDGE! My sister is a fan of Sunday Discount Coupon. What a psycho! 50 cents cheaper and you bought them enough for half a year. I was a fan of Sunday Charity BBQ. There always some kinda fund raising, and the only choice of fund raising in Hawaii is saling BBQ. The BBQ booth was taking place at Safeway parking Sunday after Sunday. The smoke..and smell covered 10 sq miles, and who would dare to say NO to those yummy smell, eh?

I got this image from flicker. by kewlio

Come to think about it, I was such a good girl, never complained even I got left without food, as long as I have Zippy's by my house.

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