What are we going to do tnight Brain? Same thing we do every night, Pinky

My sister and I was a fan of Pinky n the Brain. The two opposite cartoon characters, a brilliant and a dummie. Although we are several years apart but we usually do things together. She is a planner, the Brain. I am a suicider, the one that always got a mission to completed (assigned by of course, the Brain). Couples of missions were completed, the credit went to my sister, she claimed. However, one thing in my life that I am so proud of is I have a fairy protecting me. Whenever I was in a deep cheese, something, someone, happened to be there and washed away the cheese. As perfect as Pinky.

My sister called me earlier. I missed her so much and I wish she decide to be here. Sometimes it is hard to believe that shes going to have a family half a world away. I feel like a magic dragon who never grow up while Puff is going to have her own children. She tells me one day I will understand. As mature as I am now, I DO UNDESTAND, but my heart doesnt. As for now, I only have ONE family and its INCLUDING YOU.

Im jealous. Im stupid.

Pinky And The Brain - Baltimore Club Music

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