A note from my last block, I realized that visitors doesnt read English blog. So what? , I am writing is just for you to read. Anyway, WHEN WILL U LEARN TO READ THAI SUCKER?!

Back in 2005, Ichi Expo.

This hangling-dangling thing took you from north zone to south zone. Riding across hills, openspace and lake, I could look down at the whole expo site. It was early April and spring just started. Somehow its structure was placed over the wind tunnel. So it was swinging left and right all thru 10 mins trip. I choose to walk all the way back, took me more than an hour.

Learn anything? No, not I. On a very same day.

Most of the girls Mangas have this love scene. A couple take a ride up the sky and a chick told her bf she is in love with him, and they kissssss. It was almost sunset. There was no other guest but us. Sounds good hea? Then again the @#%$^%$^%$^ wind blew like a hurricane. So we didnt actually do anything (DO WAT?), the best part was we both trilled to point that we were holding hands dang tight.

Looking down, doesnt seems to be that high right? That was the max zoom, duh!.

Earlier this month,

I stop by at Osaka. I went to The Floating Garden Observatory, Umeda Sky Building. I had to take an elevator from one tower and transferred through the escalator to a different side of the tower. FREAK ME OUT! And that, made my heart beat more than 180 times/min.


Fly Me To The Moon - Utada Hikaru

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