I am taking over this board. I feel like writing something that I could come back and recall this happy mood.

Halu means springs. It's a season of a new beginning and hope, exciting and curious. When you first meet a new person and you arn't sure about that person, you feel shy, yet you would want to know more and more. There are tons of plans and millions of things you want to share with that person. You could spend 14 hours on the phone but when you hang up, you suddenly recall something you haven't talk about.

I am not rushing. I am enjoying springs. I want to sit here and see the flowers bloom, water start melting and running down to the stream. And finally,birds start singing love songs.

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You got my WB's Comment virginity Award
Thanks for coming, please come again.

This song is my sister's choice ka. The previous owner of this board, a lazy hag who never write any thing!

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When a thing is funny, search it carefully for a hidden truth.

George Bernard Shaw

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