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I think it's time...for creating a new group blog

I'd like to dedicate this group blog to my 2 best friends (BFF) who don't know each other but kind of ending up in 2 very similar situations. You'll know who you are when I send the link to both of you.

I'll try to keep this group blog as my journal in English as I want "Min",my friend in Detroit, to be able to read my blog too. She's been suggesting that I do this for a while.

Basically, I told her everytime when I write something heart-felt stuffs..hahaha. She is sort of the inspiration for some of my thoughts I've written down in some of my blogs. Of course, she's the only one who I can really talk to in the States about anything.

Last week, one of my very best friends in Thailand just told me that she's kind of in an emotional stage of her life as well. She is definitely the main reason I really want to create this group blog to have something to support my friends, myself, my blog readers in any difficult stages in life.

I think it's a good way for me to be able to elaborate my thoughts and express what I'm thinking out loud. This is gonna be something nice to come back and read later on...in a different stage of my life. I believe this is a way for me to really spend time with myself trying to understand who I am when I'm totally by myself and independent...like...right now!

To be continued...with real touching topics!


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Hope 2 of your best friends will get better in time.


โดย: petchpetch IP: 5 ตุลาคม 2551 23:16:51 น.  


wow, Be! You made me feel special! :) I'm looking forward to the heart touching stuff you are about to write.


โดย: "Min" IP: 6 ตุลาคม 2551 8:27:03 น.  


I believe they will get "better in time"


โดย: "Min" IP: 6 ตุลาคม 2551 8:29:40 น.  


God gave you

2 legs to walk
2 hands to hold
2 ears to hear
2 eyes to see


Why did He give you only 1 heart ?
Coz He gave the other 1 to
Someone for you
To find ...


โดย: petchpetch IP: 5 มกราคม 2552 11:16:46 น.  

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Hey everyone-

I've been thinking about having a blog of my own for a while. It's such a beautiful day in Farmington Hills to day so I decided to get one. I don't really have a theme for my blog yet. I'm thinking about having this blog as a space for me express my thoughts, my life style to let you know me a little bit better. So let's join me and see what's gonna happen to this page!

Thanks for spending your time visiting. If we do not know eachother - many thanks for stopping by.
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