Lay on the Seaside Lost in Charms of Phang-nga at Ramada Khao Lak Resort

Starting 2015 with a trip down south to Khao Lak, Phang Nga, was another fascinating trip for me. With the serene sea, the captivating mountains or the lush greenery, a trip to Phangga offers it all. Moreover, the stylish resort I stayed at in Khao Lak was right on the seaside with well-appointed rooms and excellent service.

Ramada Khao Lak Resort is a seaside resort with a wide range of accommodation to choose from deluxe rooms, to ocean front rooms right on the beach, to exclusive rooms with private pool. All rooms have been meticulously designed creating a beautiful and comfortable ambience. The spacious swimming pool and green lawn at the heart of the resort gives a relaxing atmosphere. Guests can stroll down to the beach with ease and take a dip in the sea. Though not pristine white, the sand is exceptionally clean and it is hard to resist a stroll on the beach. One of the highlight here is the breathtaking sunset. The excellent hotel staff service is worth noting. I realized from my trip to Khao Lak this time that Phang-nga not only offers a captivating seaside but also other attractions such as Khao Kai Nui and the fascinating Little Amazon.

Join me in the impressive first trip this year through my lenses in the 139th issue of Chan Mai Chai Khao online magazine for March, 2015 to stylish seaside Ramada Khao Lak Resort, Phang-nga.

Starting with this photo, the resort sign. Just a little over an hour from Phuket Airport, we arrive at Ramada Khao Lak Resort.

This resort is right by the sea with a calm atmosphere.

The dining area is just steps away from the beach.

Relaxing view from the lobby overlooking a spacious green lawn.

A spacious common swimming pool lined up with the resorts unique red parasols.

The two and three story buildings house the three types of deluxe rooms the resort has to offer.

Paths wind around the resort. The wide green lawn is exceptional.

The resort atmosphere from the second floor of the dining area by the sea.

A stones throw from the sea, the swimming pool at the heart of the resort is welcoming.

Right next to the main pool is the kids pool, just steps away from the sea.

The pool under a bright blue sky.

Daybeds by the beach, the favorite spot during sunny day.

One can easily lose an entire day here wading in the pool, laying on the beach chairs, dipping in the sea or strolling lazily on the sandy beach.

This is a true family resort equipped with kids play room and fun-filled activities.

Take a dip and cool off in the pool.

Next to the pool is the resorts restaurant, Sassis Beach Club, located right next to the sea.

The restaurant serves lunch and dinner.

Enjoy the sea view right from your table.

Above the restaurant, one can enjoy the atmosphere from here.

From here, the pool and seaside views can be seen.

An excellent place to perch around in the mornings and evenings.

Beach chairs to relax by the beach

Swimming pool surrounding.

The common swimming pool is very welcoming.

Sassi's Beach Clubs atmosphere in the evening.

Beach chairs at the seaside. The resorts beach is viewpoint to enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Next Ill take you around to see the resorts luxurious rooms.

The Pool Villa with its private pool.

Though without sea view the villa offers exclusive privacy.

Enjoy the privacy of your own pool, pavilion and a poolside chair.

The elegantly decorated bedroom.

View of the outdoor pool from the bedroom.

The spacious bathroom with a Jacuzzi to relax and unwind.

The luxuriously decorated bathroom.

Another bedroom photo.

After a swim in the pool, watch TV in the cool air-conditioned room.

Or chill out by the pool secluded in a serene surrounding.

Romantic evening under the stars at the Pool Villa great for honeymoons.

How about a daytime glimpse of the room..

The swimming pool is inviting, especially on hot sunny days.

The dining area just steps for the sea.

Indulge yourself with international and Thai cuisine right along the seaside.

Buffet is served in some evenings.

Next lets go take a look at rooms in the buildings surrounding the resort.

The room range starts from the Deluxe Oasis room, which has a twin or double bed to choose from.

The bathroom is well-decorated.

The light tone of the room contrasts well with the dark tone of the furniture.

Immerse in the bath tub and relax.

The balcony overlooks the lawn at the heart of the resort.

The seaside in front of the resort in the mornings.

The sea in front of the resort in the morning is impeccable. With the cool breeze and morning sunshine, a stroll along the beach is hard to resist.

The swimming pool against the bright blue sky.

Lets now go see the romantic beach front dining table.

Indulge in the beautiful sunset from your table.

Romance is in the air during twilight.

Enjoy the last ray of sunshine from your table with the cool sea breeze and rolling waves.

Lets go visit another room type in the building.

This is the Jacuzzi Deluxe.

Stylish with its modern décor and black ceramic tiles.

With a Jacuzzi and folding walls, the room seems spacious and comfortable.

The black floor in the bathroom compliments other decoration in the room.

The multiple mode tub also provides lighting within.

It is a room equipped with elegance, beauty and comfort.

Rooms on the ground floor have a reclined chair on the patio.

The buildings around the resort house three types of rooms, Deluxe Oasis, Deluxe Lanai and Deluxe Jacuzzi.

Deluxe Oasis rooms are upstairs whereas the Deluxe Lanai rooms are downstairs with the reclined chairs. All Deluxe Jacuzzi rooms are located in another building.

The breakfast tables at The Kitchen which only serves buffet breakfast of a wide variety for selection.

A corner to chill out on the rooftop of the dining area by the seaside.

The large swimming pool at the center of the resort is very inviting.

From the lobby one can see the sea at a distance.

The lobby is decorated with simplicity and elegance.

The lobby is located on the upper floor. The lower floor houses The Kitchen and café Mellow Bean.

Sassis Beach Club at early evening.

One can dine outdoors with the sea breeze and rolling waves, or indoors with air conditioning.

My dinner this evening, tiger prawns

Lamb and beef spare ribs

This menu is called Amuse Bouche.

A Tuna menu with a delightful color.

And scrumptious tiramisu for dessert.

Next well visit another room type for seaside lovers.

This is the Ocean Front Villa located right on the beach.

The interior is elegant, cozy and comfortable.

The bath room is spacious with a Jacuzzi to relax in.

This is the only room type at the resort that one can be so close to the sea.

One can enjoy a panoramic sea view right from ones room all day.

Alternatively, one can simply chill out and enjoy the sea view from the cool comfort of ones room.

The tone and décor of the room is very appealing.

The bathroom is very inviting.

With the Jacuzzi, one can simply indulge and relax in this retreat.

Another corner of the bathroom.

View of the Andaman sea from the patio during day time.

Next lets see some of Phang Nga attractions. First is the viewpoint from the top of mountain called Khao Kai Nui.

Arriving at break of dawn just in case we can catch the sea mist. A pick-up truck or even better, a four-wheel drive vehicle, is preferred.

Fascinated with the star-scattered sky from the mountain top and the scenery of landscape below.

Though a windy morning and without any mist, the captivating view was worth all the while.

Phang Nga has mountainous views just as breathtaking as those in the Northern region, particularly if one is fortunate enough to see the mist. Will have to come back again to catch that sea mist.

The view is spectacular here and the breeze is perfect. Not only does Phang Nga boast a fascinating sea view, but awesome mountainous landscapes as well.

Next visit is a new entry on Phang Ngas eco-tourism attraction list.

Canoeing along the Little Amazon

Canoe along the small rivers bent around the giant Banyan trees.

A guided tour that lets you experience wild life along the way such as birds and snakes (harmlessly sleeping in the trees).

A pleasant canoe trip that brings us up close to nature, trees and wild life.

An easy-to-access attraction, no need to wade through the water, no need to get wet. Suitable for adults and children alike.

Large trees surround us along the trip

However, one should check the high tide, low tide time too At high tide would be the best time to visit this attraction.

Would definitely come back here for another visit Truly impressive.

Lets return to the resort after an eco adventure time for some spa and massage.

The spa here is decorated simply and elegantly among greenery.

Above all, the staff gives a great massage.. One should try it if staying at this resort.

A pretty view of the sea in front of the resort from the upper floor of the dining area.

The common pool amidst trees, a lawn and the sea.

The pool is very inviting and also has a pool bar which guests can order cool beverages to drink right in the pool.

The serene sea in front of the resort.

The resort sign. With Thai ownership under the Ramada brand, the owner maintains and manages the resort himself.. so guests can experience warm Thai hospitality.

The beach front dining area and the pristine sea in front of the resort. The red parasols lighten up the resorts atmosphere.

The dining table arranged on the beach.. with the sunset backdrop, romance is in the air.

Ending this trip with the cover of this magazine issue, the relaxing atmosphere of the swimming pool surrounded by trees and green lawn of Ramada Khao Lak Resort.

This trip to Khao Lak was another impressive photo shoot holiday, with the lush greenery of trees and lawn, the serene and pristine sea and an amazing sunset view, Phang Ngas eco-tourist attraction, and most of all, the wonderful hospitality and excellent service from each and every staff at Ramada Khao Lak. Within the resort there is also a small café that serves desserts and beverages, a playroom for families with small children, and a fitness gym for workout. A buffet breakfast with a wide selection of foods is offered. Guests who wish to make tour reservations may contact the resort directly for excursions to main attractions such as Ta Chai Island, Similan Island, Surin Islands, Phang Nga Bay, Little Amazon. However, island tours may not be possible during the monsoon season. It would be best to check with the resort in advance. The following are the pros and cons of the resort from my point of view.

- The resort is right at the seaside, with shady green surroundings, a beach in front of the resort, and a sunset view point.
- The rooms are well-appointed, with some rooms at the seaside or with a private pool.
- The dining area has good ambience, at the seaside, serves delicious food.
- The staff are very hospitable and give excellent service.
- A lot of Phang Ngai attractions to choose from.

-The long distance from Phuket Airport
-The pool villa does not offer scenery but high privacy.

Ramada Khaolak has truly left an impression on me. Id like to thank Khun Pom and Khun Lek for their warm welcome, Mr. Stefan the resorts GM, Khun Oey, Chef Suchart, Nong Kate and all the resort staff for the wonderful hospitality. My thanks also goes to Khun Kosit for the trip to Khao Kai Nui. If I ever have a chance, I will definitely return. Thank you for reading this magazine. In the next issue, commencing its 9th year, the Chan Mai Chai Khao Magazine will take you to the sample the beauty of an eastern seaside resort.


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