"Everything was lost except happiness." Jacques Prévert
Chez TJ, Mountain View CA

It was a beautiful gastronomique ride at Chez TJ.

Corn velouté with mascopone, Mission figs, Italian sausage. Nothing particular. Light and clean taste.

Bread and butter. Warm and served with generous dish of butter. Both types were crunchy and crusty. I would have liked one kind to be soft like brioche. Something to munch on between courses.

Hamachi (amberjack/yellowtail) tartare. Melon broth with a subtle hint of galangal. Galangal note was almost undetectable especially for those who have not tried it before. Very clean-tasting.

'snow flake' foie gras. Lovely presentation. Love this. Underneath was a bed of locally grown(restaurant's next door garden!)parsnips, carrots, with pinenut purée with a taste of kumquat. Love this dish!

Foie gras 'snow' was delectable. Creamy and non-gamey.

Cauliflower raviolini with sustainably farmed uni topped with black pepper emulsion. The richness of raviolini and uni were so well-balanced. The smoked bacon cubes added a yummy crunch.

Alaskan halibut. Baked and crusted with some kind of moouse.
Fish was well-cooked and very lightly seasoned. Tomato bouillon was great.

Thank you for the great pick. Wine was divine.

Bergundy was so good and so smooth. It translated to many different layers of flavors. The other wine was sauvignon blanc from Napa. Good but like the pinot noir Bergundy better.

Intermezzo. Raspberry sorbet with mint gelée. It did serve the purpose really well. Now we're ready for more intense flavor.

My favorite. Very tender squab, cooked in pressure cooker. Skin,although thick was so crispy. The caramel jus complemented the bird so well. The gray eggplant puree was so surprisingly well-thought to balance to richness of the meat.

Ribeye with olive jus and date purée. Tiny scallion. Although I'm not a big beef eater, it was a delightful pairing. Not a big fan of hen of the wood however. The taste was too earthy and musky for me.

Chèvre sorbet with puffed oats and red pepper powder and crisp. I'm really not a big fan of lamb-related food products. The recently-tried goat milk caramel was not that memorable. The flavor was simply too strong. Having said all that, I found this dessert to be exiciting (sorry I can't say appetizing). It did neutralize the palette well enough that you're ready for the next course!

Beignets and Vietnamese coffee ice cream with condensed milk foam on top. Ice cream really tasted like Vietnamese coffee with decent amount of condensed milk. It was fun playing hide-and-seek with chicory when foam and ice cream were combined. Of course, an herbal found. Beignets were a great pairing.

Mignardises from right to left:
Hazelnut macaron-ganache was really good, balanced well with the macaron. Raspberry/Almond petits fours. A bite sized sponge with raspberry jam. Strawberry gelee was my favorite. It was like eating a flavor-packed strawberry with intense flavor. Strawberry chews (live saver candy minus all the artificial stuff). Very goey and chewy.

The sought-after foie gras macaron. Sweet and savory.

Chef's signed copy of the menu. Took us a while to decode his styled handwriting. Once decoded, ooh so classy. ^_^
Chef Nishiyama came and talked to us. What impresses me is not only his creativity but also his contemporary French/California style of cooking. His Hawaiian/Japanese heritage was also a nice touch in his cooking. The selection of ingredients was well-thought and well-balanced. It was like going on a beautiful ride. Good luck in earning it back, Chef.

Vintage lamp and lighting after other party in our dining room left.

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