"Everything was lost except happiness." Jacques Prévert
Manresa, Los Gatos CA

Amuse-bouche #1: garden beignets with kale and vinegar

Amuse-bouche #2: mandarines in the jasmine tea gelée

Amuse-bouche #3: "chawan mushi"
panna cotta of dashi broth with monterey bay scallops. salty and buttery with prominent dashi flavor.

brioche and hand-churned normandy butter
The brioche was very soft and buttery. Bread selection was quite impressive with brioche, olive & rosemary, multi-grain and pain au levain.

A garden green soup, stone ground mustard cream, herbs and leaves"multi-color"
velouté done not so right. nothing memorable about this course. probably the least favorite.

Sea bream and assorted shellfish, sashimi style with olive and citrus
ume boushi accent + furikake topping?

Into the vegetable garden....their natural juices
showcasing 25 kinds of vegetables in various forms (emulsion, purée etc.). Vegetables are handpicked every morning from Love Apple Farm.

Japanese mackerel, lightly pickled with mushrooms in cider, crispy pine mushrooms
in my own words of disappointment. mackerel was way fishy. what really put me off was the droplets of mackerel's blood smeared on the plate.

Black cod, salsify creamed with seaweed, black trumpet mushroom with oyster emulsion

A winter tidal pool; abalone, foie gras, sea urchin
hint of kaffir lime in the dashi broth. Uni was pleasantly tasty. Interesting taste foie gras in the 'pool'.

Suckling porcelet and our boudin noir, hazelnut praline with celtuce, quince vinegar
somewhat disappointed by the overly chewiness of the pork. felt like pork was undersalted while other components of the course was quite salty.

Winter mushrooms and thinly sliced Wagyu beef, dried tuna and black tea bouillon
Another course accompanied by dashi 'teapot', mushrooms amplified the umami flavor.

Intermezzo: coconut tapioca, banana/pineapple sorbet passion fruit cream

Exotic citrus with honey and spice, verbena yogurt, vanilla
someone really fell in love with this one. The variety of citrus fruits was mesmerizing. Refreshing, sweet, sour, bitter, creamy couldn't have been better incorporated.

Samoa: Tahitian vanilla shortbread, chocolate, coconut, caramel

Beneath the chocolate disk. toasted coconut flakes embedded in the chocolate. This was so well-executed with underlying flavors and textures.

Mignardises. Chocolates.

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