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Episode 12: Adventure in Nashville (The City of Music)

August 17th, 2002 (at 10.00 PM - ET)

Written at Golf Range Apt.,

Hi everyone,

After decideding to study MBA program at TSU, I suddenly went to Nashville on Friday (Aug 9th). I left from my apartment since at 5.30 AM by taxi. It was very dark and a little bit dangerous at bus terminal because I heard that most terrified people were there. However, I felt a little safe because Hiroyuki, my Japanese friend sent me at the bus terminal too. It took around 3 hours from Knoxville to Nashville. Nashville city is bigger than Knoxville city because it is the capital city of Tennessee, and have the nickname that "The City of Music". When I arrived there, I decide to take a taxi because TSU is very far from bus station and I didn't know any information about bus line in this city. I spent few time to find graduate school and directly go to graduate office building. I told the secretary that I would like to see Ms Jennings, an officer in charge of my application. Unfortunately, she went out and will not come back again until Monday. So, I asked her secretary for more information about her schedule since I did not receive any information. She said that I had to go orientation this Sunday (Aug 11th), to see my advisor on Tuesday (Aug 13th), and to register on Wednesday (Aug 14th) and if I would like to ask more information, I had to contact with Ms Jennings on Monday (Aug 12th). Oh my god!! , I had to go there everyday from Sunday to Wednesday while I had no place to live in Nashville. I was very stunned because I had no idea how to go there everyday. If I took the bus, I would be very tried because it spent around 3 hours to go and 3 hours to back and the ticket was quite expensive around 45 USD. Later, I decided to call to Nay sister who used to study and live here before to ask how I should do. Luckily, she gave the number of another Thai student who still lives in Nashville. In addition, she also suggested me to contact with Ms Wingfield at International Student Affair to contact about my I-20 before coming back to Knoxville around midnight.

I decided not to go orientation on Sunday because it was only 2 hours but I had to take the time to go and back around 6 hours on which it was not worth for me. However, I decided to go to Nashville again and contact to P'Noo, another Thai student in Nashville, to ask him for staying that week. Fortunately, he allowed me to live with him. On Monday, I went to graduate school again to see Ms Jennings. Did you know what happen to me? She told me that she was very busy and couldn't see me via her secretary. I was very angry and told her that I tried to call her several times but she did not receive my call until I had to come here. I also told her that I will wait her until she had the free time. After the time passed around 30 minutes, she allowed me to go inside her office. I told her that I just only knew that I got admitted here but I didn't receive any information, so I would like to get more information. She only said that she didn't know anything because she sent all information to my mail already and I should contact with my advisor. To sum up, I knew only who my advisor was. Thus, in the afternoon, I went to see my advisor at downtown campus. (There are two campus in TSU-main campus and downtown campus. The school of business is located in downtown campus far from main campus around 4 miles). Unfortunately, my advisor took the vacation until on Wednesday. So, I came back to P'Noo house.

On Tuesday, I went to main campus again to contact with Ms.Wingfield to receive I-20 and asked more information about what I should do .Before going there, I got lost and tried to find the correct way but I couldn't. Finally, one guy parked his car beside me and asked me "Are you lost?". I said that "Yes, I umm.. umm. want to go to Tennessee State U.. He said "Braa........" ( I couldn't understand what did he said because he said very quickly). I continued to walk until saw him again. He said that he would pick me up to TSU. I was not sure that I should go with him or not but he look like a kind person. So, I decided to go with him and went to main campus on time. Actually, at that time, I was very terrified him because he came by to his friend house before going to the main campus. However, don't worry! he sent me to there safely. In the afternoon, I searched for my apartment. Actually, P'Noo picked me up to find apartment on Monday. However, I thought that it is a little bit expensive around 550 USD and a bit far from my school. Hence, I searched it from internet and found apartment around downtown where it is cheaper than (around 410 USD) and near my school too. So, I went there and asked her about how to apply. At first time, she didn't permit me to rent apartment because she didn't believe that I would have ability to pay apartment rental as the contact. However, I told her that I will pay rental in advance 6 month. She suddenly say OK. and appointed me to sign contact with her on Friday.

On Wednesday, I went to downtown campus to see my advisor. There were many students to wait him. I waited him around 1 hour. First, he asked me about my ID student and searched from his computer. Then, he told me that he didn't receive any information about me and also asked me back that "Did you receive any letter from me?" I replied him that I didn't receive any information. At that time, I thought that I really had problem. He told me that I should contact with graduate school again. I suddenly said that I contacted there several times and they confirmed that I got admitted here. Thus, my advisor called to graduate school to ask about my information. Finally, he found that he key my incorrect student ID number. Hrr!! I was very excited. He suggested me that I should take 1 pre-requisite course because I didn't study marketing course in undergraduate and take 2 core-courses in MBA program before sending me to register at main campus.

On Thursday, I went to bus terminal to buy the ticket to go back Knoxville on Friday and went to bank to buy cashier check to pay apartment rental. Then I went to main campus to get ID student card. There are many new students to make a new ID card. I had to wait around 1 hour. Then, I came back to P'Noo house. At that time, there was heavy storm and heavy rain. Although I took my umbrella, I could not control it because it was very windy. I had to find some shelter to rest around 1 or 2 hours and I was very threatened because it is nearly dark and there are many thunders. However, I could come back to P'Noo house safely

On Friday, I went to the apartment to sign contact and bring cashier check to her. She also suggested me how to live here. Then, I went to bus terminal to come back to Knoxville. It had heavy rain again. Actually, I had to take the bus at 2.00 PM. I waited it until 2.30 PM but it didn't come. The staff told me that it might be delayed because of heavy storm. The schedules were changed completely not only my bus but also other buses. I really have no idea how I should do because I was very confused which bus I should take and the schedule was changed. I waited until 4.30 PM and saw one bus which went to New York. I thought that it probably my bus because it had to stop at Knoxville before going to New York. So, I hurried to get in. I was very glad that I didn't miss the bus and arrived to Knoxville around 9.00 PM safely.

Best Wishes,



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