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Cobra GPSM 5550 PRO GPS Navagation

Cobra GPSM 5550 PRO GPS Navagation with 5-Inch Touch Screen, Truck-Specific Routing and AURA Camera and Driving Hazard Protection: GPS & Navigation

Cobra GPSM 5550 PRO GPS Navagation

Product Details
The Cobra 5550 PRO, Professional Driver Navigation has an easy to use, sleek, thin, and light-weight 5" touch screen. This unit is equipped with AURA camera and driving hazard protection, which alerts drivers to speed and red light cameras, as well as speed traps and dangerous intersections. The Cobra 5550 PRO also uses truck- specific map data to provides truck optimized route guidance based on the type of truck traveling. The system has features for 12 different types of trucks, including straight truck as well as single and double trailers in various axle configurations. This unit alsonotes 30 restriction types when planning a route and can provide multi- point routing to optimize fuel efficiency, as well as avoiding Tolls and/or freeways. Additional features include Lane Assist with Junction view to simplify guidance for complex junctions, an hours of service timer to keep track of on duty driving and off duty time, State Mileage which tracks the miles driven in each state for fuel tax reporting. Finally, this loaded unit also features truck-specific points of interest which provides all major travel centers with detailed amenity information such as food options, internet access, shower availability and more. Using the TruckDown commercial vehicle service & support information, you can quickly and conveniently find towing companies, repair shops, truck-friendly motels, and emergency services. A windshield mount, 12V DC power cord and USB cable are included. When it comes to your safety and convenience, Nothing Comes Close to a Cobra. ..
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