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Nokia E7-00 Unlocked GSM Phone

Nokia E7-00 Unlocked GSM Phone with Touchscreen, QWERTY Keyboard, Easy E-mail Setup, GPS Navigation, 8 MP Camera--U.S. Version with Warranty (Blue): Cell Phones & Accessories

Nokia E7-00 Unlocked GSM Phone

Product Details
Get fast, secure Internet access with the built-in VPN. Constructed from anodised aluminum with an AMOLED real glass display. Everything looks crystal clear on the high-quality 4" touch screen. The tilting full-touch display sits at a natural angle for optimal viewing. Pinch your fingers to zoom in or flick to scroll on any web page. Slide the screen to reveal a QWERTY keyboard - ideal for fast typing. Keep important data protected with F-secure anti-theft for mobile. Tell your phone what to do with Vlingo, the voice recognition app. Track flights and be notified of changes with the World Traveler app. Capture high-resolution photos and HD video using the 8 MP camera. Use an HDMI cable to view HD videos and images on your compatible TV. Scroll through album art and make playlists of your favorite songs. Enjoy over 250 features from the Symbian^3 operating system. Personalize your home screen to fit your needs. Easier, more intuitive touch-screen controls. Multitask without sacrificing battery life. ..
Nokia E7-00 Unlocked GSM Phone
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