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Escort RedLine Ultimate Performance Dual-Antenna Radar Detector

Escort RedLine Ultimate Performance Dual-Antenna Radar Detector (Black): Car Electronics

Escort RedLine Ultimate Performance Dual-Antenna Radar Detector

Product Details
Redline engineers created the two best radar detectors and the Escort Redline provides the longest range for every radar gun used out there. Its twin-antennae design allows the Redline to maximize performance by radar band, giving you the longest warning possible, especially hidden radar traps. Superb radar sensitivity is provided to detect "over the hill", when police are hiding on the other side of the hill with a police speed trap. The Escort RedLine includes full X, K, SuperWide Ka for USA and Canada. A Safety Warning System is also provided for highway construction zones using SWS. Front and rear laser detection is provided by the Escort radar detector; but if you want real laser protection, consider the Shifter ZR4, which is a laser jammer and laser detector. The optional Shifter ZR4 provides laser jammer protection from all laser guns. A dual antenna with varactor-tuned (VTO) microwave receiver and digital signal processing (DSP) from Passport is provided for superb radar detection range and reduced false alarms. Escort Radar Detector used patented Mute and AutoMute features, audible and visual band alerts. You get all the speed trap detection performance you'd expect from the Redline, as well as total invisibility to any radar detector detector. The Redline Radar Detector is manufactured in North America and here is why this radar detector is one of the best radar detectors. It can be mounted in the windshield or hidden on the sunvisor. It does what you want and need. AutoMode logic will intelligently reduce unwanted false alerts, plus Highway and Auto NoX settings Ultra-bright, red text-display provides easy to read information from any angle 100% invisible to VG2 and VG4 radar detector detectors, Spectre ii, Spectre iii, Spectre iv, Spectre iv+ Radar Detector Detectors; and and OPP Spectre RDD used by RCMP in Canada SpecDisplay provides actual numeric radar frequen ..
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