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ѡѹҹ 46 س ͧ Wedding ѡҹ.
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ѡѹҹ 46 س ͧ Wedding ѡҹ..

Yonghwa♡Seohyun: Oh, My Bride!
Finally, today's the day of the YongSeo couple's wedding album photoshoot~!!
After receiving a bride-groom makeup session, heads to the dress shop to pick out a wedding dress~
Hyun wife who wants to wear as much as possible and pick out the best vs. Yong husband who is forever waiting!
How will Yong husband pass the time while Hyun wife takes forever(?) to select a dress?
And what will be his reaction to Seohyun wearing a pure-white wedding dress?

Wearing a tuxedo and a bridal gown, they have transformed into the 'Yonghwa Groom' and 'Seohyun Bride'!
Using their own history as a background, the photoshoot begins~
How will their first meeting, re-captured on camera, turn out?
And who is the number one best man, come to cheer on their wedding shoot?

Cr : Mountainmadman@Seohwa Soompi
Thai Translation by Cheri Merci : The Sweet Potato Couple thread @//
Դçҹ //
(Please take out with full credit)
§♡͹ : Ǣͧ
㹷ش ѹѹź觧ҹͧ§
ѧҡա˹Һ ˹价ҹ͡ش觧ҹ
͹ͧͧشҡشҷ͡شշش vs §ѧʹ

ͷ駤㹪شѡЪش觧ҹ ǡҡҧ "Һ§" "ǫ͹"
駹 öҾ鹢 ͧǷҹҢͧǡͧ繩ҡѧ
þѹáͧǡҨҧ ֧֡˹ҡͧա ͡ҧ
աѹҡ allkpop

From allkpop

Last week, fans of the sweet potato couple were in ecstasy after seeing some footage from Seohyun and Yonghwas wedding photoshoot. Though it was only a preview, the explosive interest it garnered inspired the producers of We Got Married to unveil a single photo ahead of the episodes broadcast.

Producers commented that their wedding photoshoot was done under the concept of their history, which brought out sensitive emotions between the two as they reflected back to the memories theyve created together.

Its said that upon seeing Seohyun in a pure-white wedding dress, Yonghwas jaw dropped to the floor at her angelic beauty.

Stay tuned for more updates on February 26th!

Thai Translation by Cheri Merci : The Sweet Potato Couple thread @//
Դçҹ //
(Please take out with full credit)
ѻ Όͧѹҹҡդآشմ ѧҡҾҧǹҡöҾ觧ҹͧ§ҡѺ͹ ֧ѹ ʹ㨡ҡ 繡ôô¡ WGM Դٻ觧ҹ˹ٻ͡ҡ͹¡͡ҡ
駹 ô¡ٻ觧ҹͧǡǤԴҴͧ "ͧǷҹҢͧ" ҫ͹ҡҧ駤 㹢зǡ͹֡ʴҷҧСͺçӷҧ¡ѹ
͡ҡ ѧٴ 繫͹㹪ش觧ҹբǺط §ҡ֧Ѻһҡҧ繤дبҧҢͧ
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