Silly Positive and Negative Thoughts of the Day
Will give it another try with smelly spicy shrimp paste and some fresh veggies after the doctor changed my diet from clear liquid to ‘regular diet, as tolerated’. Hope my weak stomach is tolerant enough and I don’t have to get drowsy and fall as sleep for 24 hours due to an increasing nausea again this time. ;p

It’s worth it to learn how irresistible delicious spicy food is. Must thank the world for always giving humans unlimited chances to learn and enjoy things. This definitely makes our lives so wonderful and amazing.

In the meantime, still can’t believe how people are so happy with the death of Bin Laden. Life is not that easy. Things can be so unpredictable anywhere, anytime. Trying real hard not to imagine another retaliation. Ohhh how negative i am...

Anyway, no matter how bad or good Bin Laden was, I believe, in his whole life he had learned something just like we all human beings have. Learned to live. Learned to lose. Learned to be in pain. And got used to it.

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