final decision

.........Aug 18, 2008.......... seattle public library...

after my careful consideration, i've decided to stay here, in the us, for another one year or more.

i totally realize life here is pretty hard and many of my loved ones are in Thailand. but, my strong will to reach my idiot stupid goal is still bothering me and alluring me to put off my schedule to go back. this is an only reason why i insanely tie myself up right here.
my life in a weird but amazing country keeps going day by day.
i've learned how to deal with people and difficulties that might happen to one's life. i'm trying to perfectly communicate with people with another language that's not my mother tongue.
in the meantime, i'm trying even harder to communicate with people who speak my native language.
that sounds funny but never makes me laugh

it's not easy to make people believe you are what you are as long as you cannot prove yourself in front of them. anyway, people in the whole world are different. some may be able to do it in no time, but unfortunately...many need to spend thier entire life on that!!!

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keep going, Don't give up.wish one day will come, That's your turn.
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