Lamb Green Curry at an American Bar on the AVE wasn't too bad :))
Tonight I got a chance to visit an American bar on the AVE (University Way, Seattle, WA, USA) in the neighborhood of my apartment and was tempted to try their Thai Green Curry after my third glass of Cabernet. Then, I ordered a bowl of green curry with lamb instead of chicken. After a while, a cute Egyptian waiter put a BIG bowl of steamed jasmine rice topped with Indian-American styled Thai green curry on my table. With an instinct of a waitress from Thai restaurants, I started to analyze all the ingredients and taste of that curry. Even though, it tasted kinda Indian and sour, it wasn't too bad at all. They put carrots and potatoes instead of Thai eggplants or bamboo shoot strips. To my surprise, I loved it! It tasted really good in an exotic way. I love the way they put cilantro instead of sweet basil in the curry, as the cooked basil leaves in many kinds of real Thai food, including my favorite green curry, always annoy my appetite. (This is my personal preference only. For anyone who loves sweet basil, please ignore this attitude.) We don't have to stick to anything traditional. do we? hehe ;p

In reality, humans aren't different from food. We cannot fake our identity. We cannot pretend to be someone else we aren't. We cannot fake who we are and where're we actually from. Just like this green curry, as soon as any Thais tried it, they would instinctually know the curry wasn't authentic Thai. But who cares? As long as it tastes good and even a real Thai customer, like me, loves it!!! ;)

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