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Winter Winds

And your eyes,they feel like home.

Westminster is wildly cold. Wildly. (What else is new?) Although perhaps not as cold as St.Moritz... Yeah, we were at Charles de Gaulle, ready to wrap up our spontaneous, last-minute trip that had the two of us (occasionally, with others) flying in and out of France, into Germany, to Barcelona and then back to France. James actually almost got me to Morocco at one point. That failed somehow and we ended up on a 9 hour ride on the Eurolines from Barcelona to Lyon instead. I may have looked calm, but in my head I killed him at least five times.

Anyway,then James announced that he wanted to go snowboarding at Sankt Moritz because his (equally crazy) friends were all there, then promptly asked the lady at the counter in perfect French if there were any business or first class tickets left to Zurich Geneva even.Fortunately for him but unfortunately for me, there were. Plenty.

I think I died at that point. Quite literally.

All I wanted to do was board the damn flight, get back to England and sleep. So yeah I reminded him that this time last year he and his friends were at St. Moritz. His reply? Exactly! It was amazing.

He even used Carlton [Hotel] as a bait. Tempting, but ...no.

So look,if he wanted to go, then be my guest. I was honestly fine to head back to London without him.We are honestly that couple. HahahaI wasn't angry, just exhausted. And he knew it. So he relented and parted ways with his snowboarding dreams (such a good boyfriend haha). Uh ... pretty sure, he was just at Colorado skiing before he came over in December. I secretly wanted to hit him to oblivion with my Berkin but sadly the social setting prohibited that.

Well, no way in hell was I missing out on Passengers show on Thursday, and my grandparents would probably definitely kill me if I dared miss the opera on Friday. I was also pretty keen on finishing all my Oscar films. Not to mention, my book orders (which were sitting beautifully, like some sort of immaculate art work, in my bedroom when I got there). I dont know what Im more excited about Dave Mitchell, Daphne du Maurier or Murakami. Still, excitement.


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