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Barça 4 - 1 Málaga : Rainy Match ..& The top of table :)

แต่สนามนี้ท่าจะหนักสุด กว่าจะจบแมทซ์นักเตะก็สะบักสะบอม
โดยเฉพาะเมสจัง จี๊ดจ๊าดเหลือเกินนัดนี้ 555+

แต่บาซ่าก็ไม่ทำให้แฟนๆผิดหวัง ด้วยการโชว์ศักยภาพที่เหนือกว่า
ถล่มมาลาก้าไปถึง 4-1 พร้อมก้าวขึ้นเป็นจ่าฝูงลาลีก้าสเปน อิอิ


Player Ratings: [goal.com]

Valdés 7: Not at fault for the goal and saw little of the ball otherwise. Fine.

Dani Alves 6.5: Unable to dribble forward due to the state of the pitch, he was often a third wheel. Still, he was instrumental in the fourth, which he attempted to claim!

Márquez 5.5: Very quiet, but had little to do until the end, when he looked less than comfortable.

Piqué 7.5: Deeply, deeply at fault for Duda's goal but he was, amazingly, excellent otherwise in difficult conditions.

Puyol 7.5: Played out of position but still asserted himself. An admirable showing.

Busquets 6: Too fancy for the surface and clearly grew frustrated in the first half, but regained his composure in the second.

Yaya Touré 7: Had the right ideas on the ball. Chipped it forward well and defended deep when required.

Xavi 9: A delicious free kick to open the scoring, and a confident performance otherwise. The second goal? Genius.

Messi 8: Squeezed home an incredibly accurate finish to give his side the 2-1 lead, and otherwise never gave his markers any peace.

Eto'o 8: Covered plenty of groundand had the wisdom to drop back. Instrumental in Barça's third in that sense.

Iniesta 5.5: Never quite adjusted to the state of the pitch and was ineffectual in the through ball. Deservedly replaced by Henry.


Henry 7: Within minutes he provided an assist for Xavi. Put himself about in the box nicely otherwise.

Víctor Sánchez 6: Brought on with ten minutes to go to give Messi a break. Did enough.

Bojan 6: Like Sánchez's, his was a substitution of convenience.


Clip : Messi scored!!



Messi Interview :

Lionel Messi, who scored the second goal, said,

"We have achieved an important victory. It was a very complicated match due to the state of the match. The ball just stopped in the water. Although we don't usually play this way, we have adapted well. We won three points and that is all that counts."

The little Argentinean then assuaged any fears Barca fan's may have about his previous fragile record with injuries, stating "I am relaxed. I had a week to relax since I did not play in the Copa, and I am at full fitness. In addition, the rotations that the coach employs help to reduce the chance of injuries."

As reported by clubcall.com, the Argentinean admitted he fancied their chances again this season. He said: “If I had to choose anyone to win the Champions League then it would be Liverpool.”


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