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Ricky Rubio [ Basketball ] : Spain Part III : Meeting Fan Club & News

RICKY & SIMAS Training day

DKV JOVENTUT Presentation : ชุดแข่งใหม่กับนายแบบรองแชมป์โอลิมปิก เอิ๊กๆ และ PAU RIBAS ตัดผมใหม่ วิ้วๆ :D >,<''

4-9-08 : Meeting Fan Club

News link's credit : คุณ *** และ คุณ sommy ค่ะ

Ricky Rubio, como una estrella de rockRicky Rubio, como una estrella de rock. El joven base estuvo ayer en una multitudinaria presentación de su club de fans, con 380 miembros de siete países

Badalona, 5 Sep. 2008 (Penya.com).- Ayer por la noche tuvo lugar en la Discoteca Dadá de Badalona, el acto de inauguración oficial del Club de Fans de Ricky Rubio que reunió a casi trescientas personas, que quisieron estar presentes en este primer acto.

El jugador del DKV Joventut estuvo acompañado por sus padres y hermanos, estando asimismo presentes su agente Germán González, así como numerosos amigos y compañeros de Ricky. Xavier Morera, director de la sala Dadá realizó una pequeña entrevista al jugador, luego hubo sorteo de material deportivo entre todos los asistentes al acto, finalizando éste con un lunch en la zona privada de la mencionada discoteca.

El Club de Fans de Ricky Rubio ha sido fundado por Mariona Cárdenas, contando en la actualidad con un total de 380 miembros repartidos por todo el territorio español, y también de países como Tailandia, Argentina, Italia, Rusia, Perú o Bulgaria entre otros.

Las personas interesadas en pertenecer al Club de Fans de Ricky Rubio pueden hacerlo a través del email rickyrubio9@hotmail.es

+++++ English Translation ++ Credit : David [ Muchas Gracias 33^^'': Khob Khun Kha' ;p] +++++

De bajon says:
Badalona, 5 Sep. 2008 (Penya.com) .
-Yesterday in the night it(he,she) took place in the Discotheque Dadá de Badalona, the act of official inauguration of Fans' club of Ricky Rubio who assembled almost three hundred persons, who wanted to be present in this first act. The player of the DKV Joventut was accompanied by his(its,her) parents and brothers,too his agent Germán Gonzalez was there, as well as numerous friends and companions of Ricky. Xavier Morera, the director of the room Dadá realized a small interview to the player, then there was drawing of sports material between all the attendees to the act, finishing this one with a lunch in the zone deprived of the mentioned disco

De bajon says:
Fans' club of Ricky Rubio has been founded by Mariona Cárdenas, possessing at present a whole of 380 members distributed by the whole Spanish territory, and also of countries as Thailand, Argentina, Italy, Russia, Peru or Bulgaria between others. The persons interested in belonging(concerning) to Fans' club of Ricky Rubio can do it across the email rickyrubio9@hotmail.es


สาวคนซ้ายนี่ ...ยังไง ฮ่าๆ

6-9-08 : STAGE PRO REUS 2008


@ The Airport :D ; come back from China^^''


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Ricky Rubio [ Basketball ] : Spain Part II


"He's going to be good," Jason Kidd said of the Kid. "He's getting a lot of attention and he's handled it quite well. The sky's the limit."

Rubio, who is something of teen idol, with his longish hair and wide smile, is being called the Pete Maravich of Spain. He could also be called the Ronaldo of basketball. Like a Brazilian soccer star or Madonna, he can get away with one name: the back of his jersey says simply "Ricky." << ANN KILLION

"He's pretty good." Paul said. "I tried to make him turn the ball over." << Chris Paul,who play in same court

"I was nothing compared to him when I was 17," << Gasol said earlier this month. Gasol was drafted when he was 20.
"His maturity and confidence level is extremely high for his age."

ส่วนอันนี้เป็นบรรยากาศภายในครอบครัว Rubio ที่นักข่าวของSLAM Magได้สัมผัสมา

Rubio family’s apartment in El Masnou, a quiet suburb a few minutes north of Barcelona along the coast. The entire family was there: Ricky, his brother Marc, their little sister, their parents; also there was their three-week old puppy, Chucky. Everyone was speaking Catalan, occasionally veering into Spanish. I speak conversational Spanish, enough to figure out what was being said and to communicate with everyone. Ricky’s mom went and made us all coffee, which she served in little espresso cups on a big tray. I felt like the third Rubio brother. We shot a ton of photos and all sat around and talked for a while. <<< อิจฉาวุ้ย อยากเป็นนักข่าวคนนี้ แต่ไม่อยากเป็น the third Robio brother อ่ะ อยากเป็นอย่างอื่นมากกว่า เอิ๊กกกกก:P

แล้วก็ตามไปดู Ricky จากสามคลิปนี้นะคะ น่าร๊ากกกกกจริงๆ

Penya All Star: Ricky Rubio a Informe Robinson

Part 1 :

Part 2 :ตอบจบพูดอย่างเดียว นอนด้วยยยยยย ฮ่าๆๆ

อันนี้ ถ่ายแบบกับโบแยน

น่ารักทั้งคู่ ตัดใจเลือกใครไม่ได้ 555+

ปล..บล็อกนี้เอาใจสาวๆ+ตัวเองจริงๆ ก็ความแรงของหนุ่มคนนี้เอาอะไรมาฉุดก็ไม่อยู่แล้ว ขนาดเพื่อนไม่เคยดูกีฬามาถาม 'แพงๆ ริกกี้ มีแฟนยัง ฮ่าๆๆ'




marc หน้าเหมือนพีทมากมาย ^^

เพื่อนๆน่ารักทุกคนเลย :D

ชอบคุณยายตอนลุ้นหลานชาย สุดตัวจริงๆ ฮ่าๆ

รูปนี้ริกกี้หน้าเหมือนไคล์ แพททริกมากๆ ชอบ




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Fabian Hambuchen [ Gymnastic ] : Germany {{{ From Harry Potter to rock star }} Part II

เนื่องจากลง Part I ทีเดียวกลัวจะโหลดนานเกิน
ใครที่ติดตามพ่อหนุ่มนักยิมนาสติกคนนี้อยู่เหมือนกันก็เข้ามาดูได้นะคะ :]
ปล.แม้จะไม่หล่อเหมือนโทมิตะของญี่ปุ่น ไม่เก่งขั้นเทพอย่างหยางเว่ย ไม่หน้าเนียนใสเหมือนฟิลลิป บอย แต่ ชอบบบบบบ ฮ่าๆๆๆ


Olympic 2008 : Beijing ,China

Break Dance!!!!!



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Fabian Hambuchen [ Gymnastic ] : Germany {{{ From Harry Potter to rock star }} Part I

Fabian Hambüchen

Born : October 25, 1987 Cologne, Germany
Hometown : Wetzlar, Germany
Residence : Wetzlar, Germany
Olympics : 2004 , 2008

World Championships :
Gold 2007 Stuttgart Horizontal bar
Silver 2007 Stuttgart Individual All-around
Bronze 2006 Arhaus Individual All-around
Bronze 2006 Arhaus Vault
Bronze 2007 Stuttgart Team All-around

European Championships :
Gold 2005 Debrecen Horizontal bar
Gold 2007 Amsterdam Horizontal bar
Silver 2007 Amsterdam Individual All-around
Gold 2008 Lausanne Horizontal bar
Silver 2008 Lausanne Team All-around
Bronze 2008 Lausanne Floor

Family ties :

Fabian Hambuechen is coached by his father, Wolfgang, a former gymnast. His older brother Christian is a former gymnast as well. His mother, Beate, competed in track and field.

Mr. Congeniality :

Full of class and charisma, Hambuechen is known as gymnastics' ambassador and has earned the respect of even his fiercest gymnastics rivals. Hambuechen regularly greets his competitors with a warm hug or a handshake prior to competitions, and during an event he will encourage his competitors prior to their turn on the apparatus, high-fiving them upon a well-done performance. He was voted Germany's 2007 Sportsman of the Year.

From Harry Potter to rock star :

Hambuchen's first major international event was the 2002 Junior Europeans. A head shorter than the rest of the field, Hambuechen stood tall on parallel bars, winning the event. After going through three pairs of contact lenses at the 2004 Olympics, a 16-year-old Hambuechen resorted to eyeglasses for competition, bearing an uncanny resemblance to fictional character Harry Potter. Since winning the 2005 European high bar title, he's ascended to celebrity status in Germany -- and has multiple e-mail addresses to accommodate all of the fan e-mail he receives. During the 2007 Worlds, the mere mention of Hambuechen's name elicited roars from the crowd, and the tabloids chronicled his every move, reporting the latest sightings of Hambuechen and photogenic girlfriend Viktoria, a former ballet dancer. Chevrolet, one of his many sponsors, gave him a car.

Read More : //www.nbcolympics.com/athletes/athlete=630/bio/

หลังจากติดตามมาจาก European Championship ที่เอามารีรัน ESPN เมื่อต้นปี ฟาเบียนกลับมาอีกครั้งกับโอลิมปิกส์ 2008 แต่ครั้งนี้ฟาเบียนดูจะทำผลงานได้ไม่เป็นที่พอใจของตัวเองนัก โดยประเภททีมที่ชิงไปเมื่อวันแม่ ทีมเยอรมันทำได้แค่อับดับสี่ และวันที่ 14 ฟาเบียนก็เป็นตัวแทนหนึ่งในสองคนของเยอรมันที่เข้าชิงเหรียญ [ phillip boy ] แต่ก็ทำได้เพียงอันดับ 7 แต่ก็ยังเกาะอยู่ในกลุ่มคะแนนที่ดีใกล้เคียงกับคนที่เหนือกว่า ห่างเพียงแค่ หยาง เว่ย ของจีนเท่านั้น ซึ่งฟาเบียนไปเสียคะแนนจากม้ากระโดด แต่ฟลอร์ ซึ่งเป็นของถนัดก็ทำคะแนนออกมาได้ดี เดี๋ยวต้องรอลุ่นกับเดี่ยวแยกอุปกรณ์ ซึ่งฟาเบียนน่าจะลงแข่งประเภทฟลอร์ วันพรุ่งนี้ ใครที่ติดตามอยู่เหมือนกันอย่าลืมเชียร์นะคะ^^


Photo Galls : Family & Friends & Girlfriend

GF ><'' Viktoria,

WM 2007 : Stuttgart ,Germany

EM 2007 : Amsterdam,Holland


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Ricky Rubio [ Basketball ] : Spain

Ricard "Ricky" Rubio Vives

Position : Point Guard
Height : 6 ft 2.75 in (1.90 m)
Weight : 180 lb (82 kg)
League : Spanish League Euroleague
Team : Joventut Badalona
Born : October 21, 1990 (1990-10-21) (age 17)
El Masnou, Barcelona province, Spain
Nationality : Spain
Draft : Ineligible until the 2009 NBA Draft
Pro career : 2005–present
Awards 2006 : FIBA Europe Under-16 Championship MVP

Ricard "Ricky" Rubio Vives (born October 21, 1990) is a Spanish professional basketball player. Considered a child prodigy in basketball, Rubio became the youngest player ever to play in the Spanish ACB League, arguably the top domestic league in Europe, on October 15, 2005.[1] The 1.92 m (6 ft 3.6 in) tall Rubio is playing the point guard position for Joventut Badalona in both the ACB and the Euroleague, which is regarded as the world's top professional club annual basketball competition outside of the NBA.

Click to read more : //en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ricky_Rubio


Fact : รวบรวมโดย Don't mess with Messi :D

Name : Ricard "Ricky" Rubio Vives
Nick Name : Ricky
Birthday : October 21, 1990 (1990-10-21) (age 17)
Address / Home town : El Masnou ,a seaside village 10 miles outside of Barcelona , Barcelona province, Spain
Family : Dad – Esteve Vives / Mom - Tona Vives / Bro – Marc Vives / Sis - Laia Vives
Nationality : Spain
Player : Basketball
Position : Point Guard
Height : 6 ft 2.75 in (1.90 m)
Weight : 180 lb (82 kg)
Shoe size : 12
League : Spanish League Euroleague
Team : Joventut Badalona
Draft : Ineligible until the 2009 NBA Draft
Pro career : 2005–present
Awards 2006 : FIBA Europe Under-16 Championship MVP
Education : Just finished his senior year in high school (with two courses left for a diploma), but he's definitely a student of the game.

The Western Conference GM calls : "a tremendous talent "
His is a double life : high school everyboy by day, hoops Jonas Brother by night.

He could also be called the Ronaldo of basketball. Like a Brazilian soccer star or Madonna, he can get away with one name: the back of his jersey says simply "Ricky."

In the shadow of this basketball bookshelf, he made a strong case that the NBA has evolved from a team game in the 1980s to a more star-focused product today. The Pete Maravich biography was a gift from a local sportscaster, inspired by Rubio's similarities to the original Pistol.

Earlier in the day, Rubio sat on his bed under a Michael Jordan poster. He praised Chris Paul and Lamar Odom, lamented the NBA's emphasis on the individual and blamed poor team play for USA's international struggles. "Basketball isn't one-on-one," he said in his native Catalan. "It's five-on-five, plus the bench."

Rubio has been compared to Pete MaravichFormer NBA guard Pepe Sanchez, who at the time played at the point guard position for ACB rivals Unicaja Malaga

Rubio, who is something of teen idol, with his longish hair and wide smile, is being called the Pete Maravich of Spain

Player Experience : El Masnou - Club Joventut Badalona, Spanish National team headed to Beijing
Current Team : Joined Club Joventut Badalona at the age of 14 to become the youngest player in the history of the Spanish championship team
Favorite Sneaker : BB Zoom
I compare my game to : Jose Calderon (Toronto Raptors)
Vertical Leap : 100 cm
Most points in a game : 51 pts
Favorite Team : Los Angeles Lakers
Favorite Player : Magic Johnson
Favorite Court : Olympic Badalona
Go-to Move : Assist
Favorite TV show : Los Simpson
Favorite Movie : Un paseo para recordar
On my iPod : Hiphop
Quote : “Basketball isn’t one-on-one. It’s five-on-five, plus the bench.”

Private & Model Pics

With Bojan Krkic

[ DOM Mag]

Basketball Pics

New Set :


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tu y yo hemos perdido ( We've both lost )
yo porque tu eras ( me because you were )
lo que mas amaba ( the person I loved the most
y tu porque yo era ( and you because I was
quien te amaba mas; ( the person who loved you the most)
pero de nosotros dos (But between us )
tu pierdes mas que yo ( you lose more than I do)
porque podre amar (because I'll be able to love)
a otro ser como te amaba a ti, ( another person the way I loved you )

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