Loi Krathong Festival
Loi Krathong Festival is one of the Thailand’s well-known events. It is held on the major city of Thailand e.g. Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Sukhothai, Tak.

Loy Kratong or The Lotus Boat Water Festival held on the full moon night of the 11th lunar month. In Chiang Mai, the Loy Kratong festival is held on 15-16 Nov 2005 at Chiang Mai Municipal Office and citywide. There is additional special event called “Yee Peng” or Lanna-style hot air balloons, which is considered by locals to rid them of their troubles.

The activities are Tho Phae Contest, Boat Race in the Ping River, Small and Large Krathong Contests, decorative lanterns on houses, floating of lanterns, festivities

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How about Songkran festival??????
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