The Little Decision with Many Factors

I have no idea what I should do now since my mind is full of emptiness and confusion.

Im seeking for the better job.

Im asking for a chance to get in my dream organization; advertising and PR agencies.

Im trying to be better than I am. Im never pleased of what I get, especially, my job.

Im always think that I wanna grow up in the field of MarCom. I cant do anything else.

In a mean while, I wanna be something else, something extraordinary.

I know Im different, isolated. My mind has been set to be anti-social, a bit of it.

After a while in the business I wish to grow up with, nothing seem to be fit for me. Its just getting worse. I feel that. Theres also no way I could get a chance to be such a MarCom, or PR. I may not get even closer than this. How pitty, ashame, and disappointed. Im a failure.

I always tell myself that I am opened to every new experience. But I just realized that Im not. Absolutely not. Actually, I was, long time ago. But many things happened to me teach me that this world is so dangerous for me to easily open my mind to. Not only do the general things, but also an abstract called love make me dark. I am a dark narrow mind for love. I dont have a faith in love.

A recruitment agent called me a couple weeks ago for a position of a Match Maker. 2 hours after the final interview ended, I got offered. 2 days after I got offered, I turned it down. Stupid me many people might think that. But here are the reasons why I did that.

1. I have a plan of continuing my education. Im in the progress of applying and taking the exam. I wish to make it this coming 2010. There is a reason that very for my familys sake. If I get in the program and it starts in March 2010, I would be able to work here only a few months. Its also impossible to switch the time of office hour to fit my schedule. I dont wanna be isolated because of this.

2. They require 1 year of staying with them. As I said, Im working on Masters degree application and there is possibility to get in the one I wish to be, in England. If I get it, I would have to break the agreement/indenture.

3. I dont believe in love. That would explain enough but I wanna make is clear. I dont feel like people should fall in love with others whom are matched, being based on the document.

Im kinda science freak, but I do believe in fate for LOVE (of course when it happens to others). People ARE IN LOVE only by fate and by themselves taking a chance to find their THE ONE. Hiring a match maker is kinda breaking both natural and celestial law.


I had some requests from webboarders about Match Maker job. I wonder why people are very into this job? Whats the attractiveness in it? What makes this job so to-die-for?

Would that be because of its a highly paid job?

Would that be because its new, mysterious job for Thai society?

Would that be because it (might) give them a chance to jump in to romantic situation (of others) without being labeled as a nosey?

Or. (I was taught to think about worst case) they wanna take the chance of seeingalright.. dating the client(s) themselves. I hope not.

I saw the movie HITCH today. I think the job of Alex Hitch (played by Will Smith) is like Match Maker, only his client has a specifically identified target. The job looks fun, challenging, and making people happy. May be I should change my mind and call the recruitment lady tomorrow to ask her if I could go back. Why????? Because;

1. To break the rule

2. To try something new. If what I am doing doesnt benefit me--- why stay with its fucking low paid and headache trigger!

3. To experience something minority

4. To get knowledge for a possibly part-time job

5. To see if I can do better in this kind of thing than MarCom / PR

6. To help people get a chance to love --- people deserve some love. All of us were born to have someone beside, here or there, sooner or later. When somebody cant find a chance to see their soulmates, a Match Maker help thems to.

Now, its about---- Am I gonna make it ?

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