No trust is Real
No trust is real

A person who has trust
Has nothing

Whenever you try to make a trust
You are stupid

I try hard to soThat means
I am even more stupid with the trust

This is not a poem Im not good at it
Thiss just a confession of someone stupid

Long time ago
I thought I was in love

Long time ago
I thought he was the one

Long time ago
I thought he had a trust on me

Its been long time ago
That I was happy being with him

Right now
Its like my mission to complete seeing him
Whenevereven when I have no transportation fee
He said I didnt have to go when I had no moneywith his voice that soundupset
And I cant let it happen coz that makes me feel quilty

I have to go

I am the one to go so often whenever
When he is sick I go for him
When he is fine I go for him
When I am sick He rarely come for me ( at school )

Just come for me
Just make me feel like Im your girl
Not your mom
Just make me love you more
Not flee from you
Just just

Whos in you ?
Is that the same old you?
Where is my lovely boy?

* * * * * * * *

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: clown_in_crown ѹ: 7 Ҿѹ 2550 :15:48:23 .
It's like you were talking with yourself. Should I leave a comment? But you gave a comment box here, so I think.... I should.

It's not about what you have to do, or what he has to to. But it's about the definition (or meaning) you give to "love."

Me and you (and everyone else you know...he) may have different views and definitions about "how to love"

So.. tune and adjust yours and his.
: Plin, :-p IP: ѹ: 7 Ҿѹ 2550 :15:58:26 .
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