oh! My new notebook fujitsu T4220
I'm testing it now after waiting for awhile. It has been quite sometime approx. 6 months looking for a new laptop. I have decided to go for this one in last November, but it is very pricy that time. So, tam decided to wait for few month. And now 1 have got it for 85,441/ Baht a bit cheaper than the original price. And I have the money now. I decided to make an order yesterday. surprisingly, they (the shop) could deliver it today by TNT. I'm very satisfying with their service. Less than 24 hours for delivery.

However, the laptop itself was somewhat dissatisfied, as it is not as cold as expected after using it for 5 hours, it is getting hot & hotter yet it is acceptable. I will try to install Adobe cs3 as use the touchscreen with the graphic works, yet it is not the main purposes of buying this laptop. It is mainly for lecturing, translating & writing works.

One thing I really like it is the text re coition it give them 10 out of 10 only for English. Lt world be great if it can recognize Thai too. Yet it is very impressive by now. I will try to use it & review it; upload it to this blog; it is very easy for witty in English.

Have a good night!


(writing with T4220)

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don't 4get 2 hold ur laptop b4 u sleep

nite nite
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