24th SEA Games @ Korat: 4 Gold Medals from Golf
Yesterday, 13th Dec, is one of the day, My brother and I went to see SEA Games, golf competition. We actually went there with my family's friends. They are parents of a player. The most important player, Pipatpong Naewsuk - Team.

After three days played (10-12th Dec.), he is the leader just a stroke less than Kiradech - Arm, no 1 of Thailand's national team. We really hope that Team will win today.

When we arrived, Team had just finishing the ninth hole and unfortunately, he was no longer the leader, yet the challanger; a stroke follow Arm. We really excited each the score changed; only my brother that follow Team hole-by-hole. His family and I were waiting just right on the 18th hole's green to see his last shot.

Oh yeah! the hole 15th, he's scored Eagle, and become the leader once again. Yet the next hole, he turned into Bogie, then par and then Bogie. End up at -9 finishing the hole 16th while Arm's scored at -11 after finishing the hole 17th.

Luckily this score never shown up on the leader board as only a few minute later Team made Berdie for the 17th hole. And at the same time Arm has made Bogie for the final hole that make him finished at -10 equal. The calculation run, if Team made Berdie for the last hole (Par 5), he will win the match. We prey for it.

His first shot is good enough to make two on green, yet the second shot was that good, only stop at flinch about 20 yards away. Now, made two putts for win! and Yeah! he has made it! two putts, and earned Berdie to win the match and two gold medals: one for individual and the other for team competition.

His total score is -11, Arm's -10; these two made Thailand won over the other nationals for over 20.

We end the day with two gold medals and a national team player back home at Kabinburi and celebration with family!

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