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BGT - Britain's Got Talent Week 1 Audition

BTG 2011 is back!! It just started last week, and there are surely some weird and good shows! The judges have changed though...they aren't bad but somehow I miss Simon

Anyway, I am going to share some of the VDOs from Youtube since we can't watch directly from their website. Hope you all will enjoy the VDOs and do share some of your ideas

(It won't allow me to paste the VDO here, just the link)

1. Donelda Guy - DOG show, super tamed dogs!!

2. Gay and Alan - Bells ring quite touching

3. David Knight - a young comedian!

4. Steven Hall - he sure can dance!!

5. Michael Collings - never judge the book by its cover!

6. Mary Sumah-Keh

7. Blair Christie

8. Antonio Popeye - Dancing eyes

For more VDOs check this website
BTG on youtube

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