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กันยายน 2549
15 กันยายน 2549
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My Last Cry for You

I wonder when it could be my last cry for you.
It could be the previous one or the next one.
Still, I’m not sure if I could stop thinking about you.
That I don’t know if I could really stop crying for you.

I cry for the day you walked out of my life.
I cry for the day we laughed together.
I cry for the day I’ve made you cried.
I cry for the worst and the best time being with you.

Though my tears are just useless, I can’t help but cry.
They flew from the dept of my helpless despair.
I could only wish it was the last time to cry.
Somehow I wish my tears could call for your return.

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โดย: LooKPat วันที่: 16 กันยายน 2549 เวลา:10:16:14 น.  

Someting that we really can not get through it's the Pain in our heart.
Try you best for today
the rest of others day will be good too.
You are not only one who's face these such if things.
Be strong and walk through.
leave all the pain behind na ja

Care For some red wine?
I'm drinking right now

โดย: ดารา IP: วันที่: 17 กันยายน 2549 เวลา:21:35:13 น.  

Dark clouds that constantly cross the moon
are like un for gotten memories
Trying to be removed.

โดย: ต้าเอง IP: วันที่: 2 ตุลาคม 2549 เวลา:11:38:57 น.  

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