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I love to travel ..some time I think I am the kind of person who has travel in their blood.
The most favorite thing that I love to do is to plan trips and to travel with friends.
We have had many interesting trips ..and for most of the places we travel ..we have had a first experience together .
That was exciting and fun.
All of trips I have planned before were in Thailand.
The special thing about this trip is...that this is the biggest trip of my life.
This is the first time I have had a chance to travel to another country..on the other side of the world. (other countries close to Thailand dont count because I never stayed over night there..just one day trip)
This is was a very long trip to a place very far away.
Are you ready to have fun with me and hear about my trip?
Lets go!
This was the first time for me to take a plane.
I was very excited and I read a lot of advice from peoples experiences on this website.
Thank you webblog .this blog helped me a lot and I learned many things about the first time to travel to the USA.
When I studied things ... I got to know more about how difficult it is to get a US Visa. I had a question in my head When it is so difficult to to travel to the USA like this ... why do so many Thai people still want to go?.
I heard that some of them have to interview for a visa for the second or third time.
And I wonder .when tourists want to come to travel here ..to Thailand ..Is it also this difficult?
What does the USA have? .which things are good enough to make people want to go and can make them try and try again to go there?
I think it would be great if people from other countries try again and again to come to travel in Thailand like I saw Thai people try to get Visa to travel to the USA.
The first part of our long trip started in early morning.
My friend Gigg and I stayed over night in Bangkok with our friend Ning.
We took a taxi to Suvarnabhumi airport early in the morning.
Even though we didnt really sleep very well because we were very excited, both of us were able to wake up in time.
That was a good day.

I called my family I talked to my grandmom and that helped a lot.
My heart was warm when my grandmom said that I should have fun and have a safe trip.
Hearing her words made me feel that I could to any place I want to fly, no matter where it is in the world.
We took a plane from Suvarnabhumi airport to Narita airport in Tokyo then took another plane from that airport to Chicago, Illinois in the USA.

Did any body do what I did?
On the American Airline plane ..where we would cross the international date line I was very excited and was always looking at the real time map, while other people were sleeping. I was alone and very excited when I thought that soon my legs will be in tomorrow while my body will still be today.
Thats funny ..I know, but I was really excited when I thought that was very cool! Who even thought we can sit and still be alive while parts of our bodies are in different days.

Finally ..I saw the old dad standing in his Thai yellow shirt when I walked out the door at the Chicago Airport.
I told myself that even though I know nothing about America at least ...I know him .., and he is my closest friend in this wonderland.

The first surprise was that it was about 8 pm. there but every where still like day time. Gigg and I thought its about 5 pm.
Since I was born I never saw it still like day time in Thailand , with the sun still up at 8 pm.
Hi Chicago..Hi America..we are here.

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I only have one comment so far. It is not "old Dad" ... but "handsome, not-so-old, chalad (smart) Dad" ...

I may have more comments as this story is told ...


: "Dad" IP: ѹ: 16 Ȩԡ¹ 2550 :5:03:06 .  

Hi Su...really enjoyed reading your blog and looking forward to reading your continuing story. Your story brings back wonderful memories of your and Gigg's visit...love and hugs...

: Pa Pat IP: ѹ: 16 Ȩԡ¹ 2550 :10:22:14 .  

Hi Su...really enjoyed reading your blog and looking forward to reading your continuing story. Your story brings back wonderful memories of your and Gigg's visit...love and hugs...

: Pa Pat IP: ѹ: 16 Ȩԡ¹ 2550 :10:22:31 .  

Hi Su,

I really think you should call him "old grand dad" rather than "old dad", but enough of that.

I will follow your blog. How exciting it was to take your first flight and to such a distant country! You are a brave girl. Keep up the good work on the blog. For some reason your feeling on the flight remind me of how I felt when I flew to Costa Rica in Central America-not as far away as your trip, but I was excited about the strange new country I would explore.

Keep well,


Barbara Slavin

: Barbara Slavin IP: ѹ: 16 Ȩԡ¹ 2550 :10:29:38 .  


I recommend you use darker letters-maybe black or dark blue; pink is difficult to read against a white background.

: Barbara Slavin IP: ѹ: 16 Ȩԡ¹ 2550 :10:32:03 .  


: pa ted IP: ѹ: 18 Ȩԡ¹ 2550 :6:49:02 .  

black font is possible

: pa ted IP: ѹ: 18 Ȩԡ¹ 2550 :6:52:38 .  

thanks to visiting my blog...so where are you now? In Thailand or usa....hope you are have a great time anywhere bye see you:))

Have a nice Loykatong day...

: bitter sugar ѹ: 23 Ȩԡ¹ 2550 :16:46:40 .  

Hello, thank you to visiting my blog..I'm not sure
where r you now?In thailand or usa..anyway hope you..have a great time anywhere...bye see you soon;))

: bitter sugar ѹ: 23 Ȩԡ¹ 2550 :16:47:30 .  

Wow very brave to write all in English ka...

My baby is nearly 5 months old now and he is very cute.

: grippini ѹ: 24 Ȩԡ¹ 2550 :2:07:16 .  

wow i'm so proud of you ka

: Baby I love you ѹ: 26 Ȩԡ¹ 2550 :3:41:40 .  

Good morning
I love travel too!
Travelling opens my vision and gives me lots of experience

Thanks for visiting my blog na ka
Have a nice day

: weraj ѹ: 28 Ȩԡ¹ 2550 :11:21:32 .  

͡ Թ
͹ ͡
ѧ ¹Դ........

: ѹ: 28 Ȩԡ¹ 2550 :21:47:53 .  

I love to see your Thai writing. How beautiful. It was wonderful meting you. Alisha talks about you often. I'm looking forward to reading the blog.
Pa MaryLou

: Hi Su IP: ѹ: 28 Ȩԡ¹ 2550 :22:49:56 .  

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ͺسФѺѧ Фǧ·ѹ

ѡآҾФ ǧѧ ǡѺѧѧ


: ѡйԴ ѹ: 29 Ȩԡ¹ 2550 :21:49:35 .  

Hi, (һСԵẺ )

How are you? Hope you fine well. How was your trip? Have fun? I miss USA a lot, especially New York Cheesecake. haha

: Krispy Kream ѹ: 3 ѹҤ 2550 :13:49:09 .  



: wanwitcha ѹ: 4 ѹҤ 2550 :11:39:10 .  

Hello. is ok..you can type Thai I can read and write bcoz I'm Thai..lol..:)I type thai in here i saw anybody posted in english...I want your friends can read that is..just come to say hi..and
give your x'mas picture..thanks cu..

: bitter sugar ѹ: 9 ѹҤ 2550 :5:23:31 .  

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