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New Identity

"New Identity"
Ohm Phanphiroj
New and Recent Photographs

Curated by Brian Curtin

Whitespace Gallery, Bangkok
July 18 – August 17 2008
Opening party on Friday, July 18, from 6.30pm (wine will be serve)

Whitespace Gallery and Liam’s Gallery are very pleased to announce an
extensive showcase of works by the internationally celebrated Thai
photographer Ohm Phanphiroj. Whitespace Gallery will exhibit a
selection of photographs from Ohm’s current series New Identity while
Liam’s Gallery will show works from the artist’s books Rare Views
(2006) and Night Hawks (2007). Both books are published by Bruno
Gmunder Verlag GmbH in Berlin. Signed copies of Night Hawks will be
available at Liam’s Gallery.

New Identity is a series of triptychs of Thai transsexuals which employ
historical conventions from ethnographic photography. That is,
conventions which suggest an objective truth about ‘types’ of people.
However, rather than claiming a general truth about the nature and
appearance of trans-sexuality, Phanphiroj invites the viewer to
consider the psychological dimensions of physical transformation. The
artist’s subjects are posed in various states of address and
self-reflection. Against the background of recent sensationalist
stories in the media about teenage transsexuals, New Identity offers a
nuanced, more complex, view of how sexuality and gender can be
understood in terms of change and mutability.

Selections from Rare Views and Night Hawks extend insights into
Phanphiroj’s on-going explorations of identity, contemporary ideals of
beauty and the essential humanity of the naked body. Emerging from
recent trends in international art and fashion photography, these
photographs gently examine a variety of expressions of masculinity
while maintaining a provocative edge.

Whitespace Gallery, Room #260, 2nd Floor, Lido Building, Siam Square
Soi 3, Rama 1 Road,
Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330. Tuesday – Sunday, 12:00 - 20:00pm or by
+66(0) 2252 2900, // ,

Liam’s Gallery, 352/107 Soi 4 Pratamnak Road, Moo 12 Nong Prue,
Banglamung, Pattaya 20150. Tuesday - Sunday, 10:00 - 19:00pm.
+66(0) 38 306 172, //,


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