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The South of France.@@@

We stayed in Santa Margherita for 2 nights then it was time to go to France. We left in the morning just take it easy and drove along the way to the South of France. We stoped and had lunch in Sarnremo...It is a nice town of Italy.

Our destination is Nice another famous city in France, of course people want to see a beautiful mediterranean. We kept driving until we got to Monaco but by the time we got there it was a bit late so we didn't want to stop as well as there was some market or something happend in Monaco. We had a time for sighting a bit of a rich country which I don't think there is any thing that attracted me to go and visit there, just the high rise building and expensive cars....555

We finally got to Nice.....And we stayed right in town. It was so nice to be able to walk around and enjoy the city.
We got there a bit late so we had not much time to go for a walk( shopping) , I mean it was already 5 pm so we walk around a bit as our hotel is just right there in the town centre.
We had a drink then walk a bit to find if I can buy something( clothes). So I got some tops. Then we had dinner and went to bed as it was a long day for us.

Food from Nice.......It is mine...!!!

This is my Lookpi..

The fllowing day was just our easy day. So went for a walk along the beach , it is not a sandy beach but it is a pebble beach....5555

We kept walking until felt tired then there was a the tourist bus coming along the beach road. We decided to get up and take the bus instead. It is so expensive 18 Euros per person, which we think it is rediculous expesive, we would rather take a normal bus for a ride around , it woud have cost us 4 Euros...5555

Anyway it worth it , I think rather than keep walking anyway.

Here are some pictures from Nice....!

Casino and Hotel.

Apartment , I think


This is the building of the person who discovered Nice , Sorry I can't remember his name. He is an Italian.

The modern art museum.

Then we went up on the top of the city to see the town of Roman when they first settled in Nice thousands of year.

This is the remain.

Finished for the day..!
I call this Nice Square....555

The time was over in Nice so we needed to keep going.....555
Our plan was going to visit friends in Hyeres (near Toulon) but before we get there we wanted to go and see the Grand Canyon of France first. It calls Verdon Gorges....!!!!

here is the link...//www.beyond.fr/sites/verdon.html

The actaul site is so impressive...I really love it there. Sometimes it is so scary to drive along the edge of the clif.

We spent a bit of time driving around then we went to have lunch in this lovely village.....I saw a thai lady by accidently when we went to have lunch in a nice restaurant in the village. Her husband and herself has a big hotel restaurant in this village.

This Village calls...Moustiers

Here is the link for this lovely village.

Can you see the star from this picture?

Here is the story Thai version and the star.
ถ้าใครตาดี จะมองเห็นดาว แขวนอยู่บนท้องฟ้า ฮาฮา
ระหว่าง หุบเขาสองกัอนนี้ค่ะ

มันมีประวัติว่า มีนักรบคนนึงได้ขอกับพระเจ้าว่า ถ้าเขาไปรบแล้วชนะ เค้าจะเอาดาวมาแขวนให้พระเจ้า โดยที่ไม่ได้ใช้เครื่องมืออะไรช่วย
เมื่อหลายพันปีมาแล้วนะคะ ไม่มีเฮลิคอปเตอร์

We finished trip in Grand Canyon then we headed to our friends's place in Hyeres....!!! the beach town near Toulon.

We always go to visit them when we go to Europe.
So it is our regular trip to go there.

Here are some pitures of what they cooked for us....!!! hehehe!

This is a French dish...It is a tradintional French food( Seafood or fish soup) , originally from Marseille calls Bouillabaisse.....!

Still cooking.

Have the soup with bread and special french sauce and put some cheese on top.

Now we can eat the rest....many kinds of seaofood.

That's it...the South of France trip. I still have some trips left so to be continued.Enjoy my trip.!!!


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