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14 กันยายน 2554
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It's really hard after I checked tons of students' assignments to improve their writing within one course. There's not enough time for giving feedback to everyone, to every journal and ask them to rewrite. One teacher should be responsible for the whole development if possible but that would never happen to any Thai schools. There are flaws in this methodology but I wish I could have more time to teach.

Most students don't understand the process that it's not all about what I teach but rather on how much they have learnt from me. When they write, simply I know that they don't care much. Though I care to give comments, students feel nothing. Some don't even have a look, sadly.

Some of them always use their stupid talking dictionary to directly translate. If that really works, don't they think why they have to go to school and study these boring English? I'm so tired to read the direct translation. Maybe the students don't know what to do so this becomes the only solution.

One of the thing is copying from the Internet without any mix and match. I know it's easy and fast and looks cool to finish the work without thinking. But why don't they know that this will hurt themselves, not me. I just feel a bit funny when I read those too perfect sentence.

Writing class will work more effectively of not more than 10 students is there. It's hard for me too to correct everybody's mistakes and ask them to rewrite when they don't want to learn. Hopelessly, I did my job and I cannot hold the students hand to walk. What I can do is just to light the candle. They are the ones who walk by themselves.

Poor Jane


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